Vandergriff in Ohio

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    The UPS-sponsored Top Fuel dragster of Bob Vandergriff qualified in the #12 spot for the second week in a row at the NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Nationals at Norwalk, OH this weekend.

    Bob's elapsed time in the quarter-mile was 4.61 seconds at 312.13 MPH. He will face #5 qualifier, Cory McClenathan who ran a quicker 4.56, in the first round of eliminations.

    Interesting to note is that Cory Mac is #9 in total NHRA Powerade points, while Vandergriff is #8 in total NHRA Powerade points, so this first round matchup is going to be crucial to Bob in his Race to the Championship.
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    Well, Bob moved back into 7th spot with his first round defeat of Cory Mac. Good move. Unfortunately, he couldn't hold onto the second round.

    Next up is Denver and the start of the, so-called ,"Western Swing".

    If Bob ever gets on here, as Cach invited him to, we wish him well and congrats on this weekend.
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    Sure does. Got to meet Sr and Jr at IHRA banquet in Asheville, NC some yrs ago. These guys are entertainers, to say the least. People were surrounding Sr all w/e, joking, asking questions, advice, etc. Both were always gracious to all. Their track was always geared (no pun intended) to the fan. It was a regular amusement park! And they always had fan support, even for the lowly non-event races.

    Very surprised the track went NHRA, since they were such staunch supporters of IHRA but, since the sale to Clear Channel bosses, I guess $ talk.
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    I thought the same thing as well but then realized next up is this weekend at Bristol to make up for the rain-out. Man, the Big Go will be here before you know it!
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    Ditto. I blew that one off. Sorry bout that.