boss wont let me off bulk what to do

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    I have a siatic nerve problem on my right side and i have told him that i am in pain and i have asked to be moved or for a helper but it never seems to happen and at the end of every shift my leg feels like it wants to fall off and i am in sooooo much pain. so i called HR and they did nothing but accuse me of lying and took the supervisors side or so it seemed so what should i do next bc another week of bulk and i am really going to hurt something and remember this is an old injury before i started at ups and with no insurance yet i cant afford to hurt it even more please help
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    Go punch get on clock say time t go to doctor i dont no why you havent gone already
  3. skifire186

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    because i dont have insurance
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    ???????????????????????????????? where do you work?
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    i work at ups
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    Pre-existing condition and you mentioned it here? Good luck.
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    Try two aleve and three Advils. It will work
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    I don't think he's looking to claim work comp.

    My suggestion is try Aleve like 407 said and do your best to stick it out until insurance kicks in(when will that be?).You will not get much compasion at UPS for not being 100%.
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    let's see, you reach qualification date for health insurance coverage and then claim a serious injury (pre-existing)....let me know how that works out............I worked for over 30 yrs. with a (pre-existing) the eyes of UPS..............and it forced me to retire, after numerous job related injuries to the effected area, which resulted in a complete joint the way, my 1st knee injury was in 1974,...went on disability NOV, 2009........retired OCT, 2011
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    Good stuff !!
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    I've seen many people flat out say no to loading any type of bulk. Especially the few bulk trailers on a shift. Loading bulk for 4 hours every night is bound to end in some type of injury be it splinters through your hands or pulled muscles. Honestly, work as directed. Then say you can't do it. What are they going to do? Escort you out of the building because you can't move 120lb irregulars for an entire shift, night after night? Who cares, see how long you are gone.
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    I have a co-worker who has sciatic nerve issues---the Aleve and Advil will not be enough---she combines regular chiropractic visits with muscle relaxers but there are days when even those do not help.

    Never, ever use the words "preexisting injury" when discussing this with your doctor or supervisor.
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    How do you not have insurance? Are you a off the street hire? I think under the HealthCare Reform Act (Obama Care), you can't be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Maybe this isn't in effect yet. But there is a goverment plan for pre-existing conditions.
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    Did he say he was with the company for more than a year to get insurance?
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    Thank you menotyou.
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    Although I do agree with Upstate some on this, you have to be careful as to what you have done or told a Dr. in the past. You never want to be caught in a lie as to what you may have said in the past. Always tell the truth to whatever a Dr. questioned you on and it should never bite you in the arse.
    On a side note; Preexisting conditions in this state can only be enforced is if your insurance has lapsed. Meaning you have a gap between insurance carriers.
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    This is a temporary solution. If you do this for more than a couple of weeks, expect stomach inflammation and pain.
  20. menotyou

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    If you have a kidney condition, do not take any anti-inflammatories without a doctor's approval.