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  1. tinkertron

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    I just started working for UPS as a seasonal part time as a Preloader just over two weeks. My hours were to be from 4am to 9am. But it being the holiday I have never worked the just the hours that I signed up for. I've been working 10 hour shifts 12pm to 10am. I have some issues, and hope that someone here can guide me.

    My team and I have been given only 1 20min break.
    One day we worked 12 hours and again with only 1 20min break

    Now I'm not saying I'm a pro at all the state employment laws, but isn't this a BIG violation?

    Also if you work more than 8 hours for a week straight, doesn't UPS have you concerned you as a FULL TIME employee now? Plus you are concerned as a permanent employee?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    When you work 8 hours you are entitled to at least a half hour unpaid break. This bumps up to an hour when you work 12 hours. Both breaks are unpaid----wouldn't you rather work right through them and go home that much sooner?
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  3. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    How you doing on your MAPP testing?
  4. Cementups

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    It's your own (and your team's) fault for not taking your lunch/break. You should have spoken up when it mattered, not two weeks later.
  5. you aint even know it

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    Some people would like to have a break. And to the op, it doesn't matter how many hours you work, if you're a pter, you're a pter. I wouldn't complain about the break thingy right now if I were you if you planned on continuing your employment with UPS. Wait until you've made book, then you can bark as loud as you want.
  6. tinkertron

    tinkertron New Member

    The body can take so much while on your feet 8 hours straight. Plus some of these packages weight more then the required 70+ pound. Some of my team leaders are making us do double the work, and again it's not about working through my breaks to get off sooner, cause that doesn't happen. They would keep you their longer if they could get away with it. There's been acouple of times I've told my leader that enough is enough and I had to go home. Again I was kinda thrown into this position without warning. You would think that they would not abuse the new hires and ease them into long hard working condition like this.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    The weight limit is 150.

    Could be worse---it is 200 over at Ground.
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  8. Anonymous 10

    Anonymous 10 Guest

    They should have joined a union.
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  9. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    States regulate mandatory lunch and break periods. You'll be surprised to learn that literally only a handful of states mandate breaks and/or lunches, and UPS qualifies as an exception in most of the ones that do. Feel fortunate you got 20 minutes-we got just 10, with management quick to calm break over at 7-8 despite 8-10 hour days.

    UPS has no policies equating hours worked inside as a PTer into a FT job. But don't worry--as PiedmontSteward put it, UPS will put you on a 17.5 hour per week diet shortly. As a new hire, you be placed on call or chased off the clock after 3 hours.

    All rules are pretty much waved during peak. If you don't like it it's best to quit now.
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  10. tinkertron

    tinkertron New Member

    I wouldn't mine a 10 min break every three hours, just so that I can get off my feet for a bit. After standing 12 hour one time I though I would need a wheelchair just to make it too my car to drive home.
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  11. UnsurePost

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  12. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    oh wow...are you serious? Check your shorts....I think you're missing a If you don't like abuse, you are working for the wrong company!
  13. HBGPreloader

    HBGPreloader Active Member

    As a seasonal employee, you're pretty much (CENSORED) because, if you want to try to become a permanent hire, speaking up will label you as a trouble maker and you won't make the cut.
    And, since you're not a permanent union employee yet, the union can't (and probably wouldn't anyway) do anything for you either.
    As for working 8 hours without a break, there is no federal law mandating lunch breaks. However, in some state it's mandatory. But, laws vary from state to state.
    If you're looking to become a permanent hire, suck it up and keep your mouth shut until you, hopefully, become a permanent employee and attain seniority. If not, consider it a learning experience and move on.