Brown Goes Green — on Mountain Bikes


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Brown Goes Green — on Mountain Bikes - Seven Days

When United Parcel Service started out in 1907, the messenger service made deliveries via bicycle.


I worked as a messenger for 4 years here in Boston and I still think it would be easier at times if I had my bike on the van to make some deliveries. Hell Surley bikes makes a brown frame that would be perfect for it. Now if I could only get the company to buy it for me.


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wow, this is a great deal for brown. put your workers on bikes that don't need insurance, fuel, or licensing (unless this small town in vermont issues bike courier licenses), hitch a bed, throw them into this truly dangreous line of work, and pay them less than what normal bike courier in the city makes, all while coming off as if they're doing this out of environmental conciousness.

use temp workers, and you save even more money, from bargaining rights, health benefits, and workers comp


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good try but no sub contrating union rules
no temps? subcontracting would be good because the people on those bikes would make real good cash, than if ups paid minimum wage.

as good as it is that there are bike messengers (always a good thing), i'm just peeved by the cost cutting and the fact that they'd run ground volume, too.


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They do it at our center during peak. The use helpers. Driver takes a trailer out. Parks it. On road Sup dispatches the bikers who also have a little cart behind them. Craziness.