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    I,ve been eating at the bc now for a few years now and I always wonder why so many other people at work dont know or care what we have to say here.Being a mod,I try to keep up by reading as many new posts as I can,so maybe its just that I have no life.Theres almost 400 drivers in my building and I see maybe 50 of them in my work area every morning.Sometimes they ask about whats going on but for the most part they are too busy to log in here and vent.Some are afraid that ups would seek them out and fire them if they ever said anything bad here about them.Some just think its a waste of time.I try not to bring attention to myself and my obsession with the browncafe,while assuring them that they are too paranoid.I could be WAY wrong about how much management follows the truths that emerge on this site and how they may use the information,but one thing is for sure and thats that the truth is always the best place to start if things need fixin.
    OK after all that...sorry if I went it like that where you are? I know some of you live in the styx but I'm curious about the big cities.
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    Excellent questions! I too am a bit leary on this site. Sometimes afraid. Wondering who really runs this site? Is it really a way to chat about work related issues? Or are we somehow going to incriminate ourselves and be blackballed at work. Even the trust issue with UPS is still alive and is also here on a Web site!

    Trust is the number one problem.............:salute:we at least should be able to collect our thoughts and express them without the fear of Trust being Breached!

    If this post is delete or modified then you will understand why I may have trust issues!
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    Maybe I trust too much, even though I am a bit of a conspiracy weary sort of guy. I have posted on several discussion boards over the years, most of them using a nickname that is known to me by many people outside of the posters on the boards. Here I use a name that is not readily identifiable to my real name, just for security purposes. I try not to post too many things here that someone from my center could pin to me IRL. There have been several stories I would've liked to share here but it would be too easy to tie them to me so I just let them pass. I know that I have at least one sup and a couple of drivers that read on here, but say they've never posted and I encourage them to add their thoughts.. The sup's a pretty cool guy that has enough years in to retire and is just working on a day by day basis, but he is still management so there isn't total trust. I haven't said anything on here that I haven't already said to them or would not say to them face to face. The main thing I find interesting here is how much we are all in the same boat, yet in different lakes. I should find it comforting that we all share the same problems, but I don't. I actually find it quite unsettling.
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    Maybe I'm naive. I have told most of my co-workers about the Browncafe. I even told my center manager. I said it is a great way to find out what's going on with upsers across the country. I never thought about any discipline issues that may arise from my posts here. I even told my friends that I was "Longlunchguy." However, I never admitted anywhere on this site to ever dring tvs or stealing old folks medicines. Just in case someone is watching:wink2:
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    They do watch. They do read the forums too. And they do use the information. I am not going to get into details, but I was approached one day by management about posts that were made on forums. Nothing came of it, but Big Brother does watch. Hey!! Big Brother!! You see this? I'm off the clock!!!!! My life is my life....use the money paying someone trolling in here to replace our friggin old busted ass trucks! Or at least wash them more than once a month.
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    Im sure it wouldnt be a big deal if someone found out who i was ,but like that fact i can post without revealing my identity.
    I try not to go into specifics about certain situations or dealings with mgmt because i am worried about mgmt trying to get payback.
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    No One where I work gets on here. Who cares if they do as long as everything you say is true, and is something you would say to them at work, if criticism to their face. Dont be afraid, list your funny stories. During this dreary Month of february we need all the funny we can get.
    Same boats, different lakes, I like that analagy.
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    You hit it right, Tooner. Just tell the truth. Like Judge Judy says, when you tell the truth, you don't need a good memory.
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    I had already retired from UPS when I found this site. Many of the managers I know read this site but the constant droning on of management bashing keeps the content of the whole cite from being taken seriously.
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    For me, reading Brown Cafe is like a drive down Memory Lane. What I mean by that is I hear the same complaints today on this boardthat some of the drivers I drove alongside in the '60s were complaining about. Don't trust management, I have too much work, I have to skip my lunch, management doesn't care about safety, all management are idiots, all "they" care about is their numbers,

    Of the 30 some drivers I drove with before I went into supervision (1969), one passed away from cancer, two were killed in auto accidents (NON UPS), and the remaining are now living a nice life in retirement.

    Before any of you say the job is a lot harder now, the job was never easy, nor should it be for the wages a driver earns. Drivers covered much larger areas, so a driver drove more miles, with fewer stops than the driver of today. The more miles you drive, the fewer stops you can do. Todays drivers don't know of the joy of recording every stop on a Delivery Record, especially when it's raining or snowing.

    I don't come here everyday like a few do, but when I do log on, I find MOST of the threads interesting, newsworthy, and some amusing. I also find a few posters with a great sense of humor. What I find most astonishing is the ego that a few posters exibit. Everyone has an ego, but the few posters on here who never admit they may be wrong is beyond belief Another interesting thing I find is how many experts on the Contract there are on here. The most used phrase I see is "file a grievence", even though they only hear one side of the situation. Do you truly believe the one posting the situation is not just a little biased, and without hearing management's side, immediately condem management as wrong?

    Otherwise, Life Is Good.
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    I remember when I still worked at UPS and there was a thread about technology at UPS and we found out about it. We heard from one of the TSG sups that in their management meeting they were to write up anyone that went to the site or even talked about the thread. Ever since I have been a BC viewer, but I didn't start to post until the layoffs were announced. I was afraid to post because I thought they would figure out who I am. Now I don't give a blank if they know who I am. :happy-very:
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    Upslifer, I agree with most of what you say. Most of the time, and people will always complain, while it is a great paying job, and most of us dont complain to our customers, we do complain to our brothers and sisters. In my opinion it is better than sharing it with your spouse/or whatever.
    I remember sheeting pkgs, frozen pens and wet paper. I remember as an air driver, delivering out of my Pinto. I remember 6 digit shipper numbers. I remember when "NDA" came . But I also remember having sups who could help, and not have their hands tied, by what has been called micromanagement. I was a preload sup pt, and I basically ran the place on the preload. Not at all tooting my own horn, just the way it was. If a driver was having a problem, and I couldnt understand what he was saying, I went and looked and tried to figure it out, sometimes/most times on unpaid time, because it mattered to me, that I was doing my job. The dispatch was my baby, and I took it seriously. When I left, people cared, gave me a party, and all that stuff. If a guy I knew was a whiner cried, I didnt take it the same as one who I knew was just frustrated, and probably had a real problem. If volume dicatated another load be put in, I was allowed to do it. Not now.
    Pkgs are heavier, there are more time commitments, pkgs are bigger, while never easy, it has gotten harder in other ways, and easier in some.
    And as for Impacted, I dont care, I wish they knew it was me, because my complaints fall on no ears, as all they do is get us out the door and deal with it at 5pm, another shift, mostly Oms people who handle it all. Some nights there isnt even a ft mgmt person there, what will happen when someone God Forbid has a tier 3?
    yes it is work, yes we complain, but lately, we have real complaints when the numbers have been screwed for yrs, havent had time studies in years, and after a day you bust your arse, and you just know the next day someone is going to say "what happened out there you were late", I just actually wish they would listen for 2 minutes what happened. They are told to slam us, but never ask how it can be fixed, so we can have a good work life, please our customers, and have family life. Its a job, but I see some people sacrificing their home life for a job. It doesnt have to be that way.
    I tend to try and not complain when I see GM people who had to leave or work for 1/2 of what they used to make, but because of all of our hard work, we didnt lose 38 million. The answer is not, "if you dont like it leave" either. Thats not something anyone with substance should say to a person who truly cares about the service that made this company great.
    WEll I could rant longer but its 9:30 pm, and Im cooking my dinner. I just thought I would lay out a few of my thoughts about the browncafe, how it helps me and how good it is to vent, and yes remember the good old days. Amen
  14. I've only been in Browncafe not even 24 hours yet. Still, be that as it may, I have seen some interesting info here that parallels situations I'm either invovlved in or know of.

    Based on the responses I've seen to some of the posts I've read. I'm sure there are management personnel visiting this site. GOOD for them. Maybe they will see the light. IF we voice an opinion strongt enough and join in that voice as ONE. They will have nother choice but to listen to our gripes and address them apprpriately. So many have complained about the same things. Yet, for fear of retaliation, few are willing to speak up. THAT "fear factor" is what empowers UPS management to their tactics. Take away that power by speaking up and standing up to them and they become the meek little boys they truly are without the ability to hide behind the title.
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    Sounds like you have been here too long. The needs your input. JMO:punk:
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    There is another side to management being here and its a dangerous one. You may have to also expose yourself to their opinion. :happy-very:
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    I know there are a few lurkers from my building here but as far as I kow I am the only one that post. Sometimes I do hold back on what I say since I don't want the lurkers to come back on me. I have had people ask me about what is going on here on BC. I try to tell them to check it out and find out fo rtheselves but they all don't have enough time.
  18. Obviously, I have struck a nerve of TRUTH. If you THINK for a moment your threats worry me. THINK AGAIN.
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    I think toonertoo summed it up very well. Yea, maybe we rant and rag on a little here, but isn't this a good place to blow off some steam and see if anyone else feels the same way. I have learned alot from reading posts here at the cafe and have also read alot of posts from people that are just PO'd about one thing or another. Even though we are fortunate enough to have a good job doesn't mean I can't pi** and moan about a pkg car that lets me get rained on, snowed on, and feel a 55 mph wind chill come ripping over me AS I SIT IN THE DRIVERS SEAT!!! ( or whatever else tripped my triggger that day) No, it's not all doom and gloom at UPS but it's not all peaches and cream either. Hell, I've even heard a comment or two from tieguy that I thought was pretty observant. But when I here one of his that I don't agree with, I don't give him a negative feedback like he has often done to me. Such is life, listen and learn. Thanks for letting me participate.:peaceful:
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    Here we go again...since tieguy is of of the very few sups that posts on here that is not retired,he takes way too much flak from hourlies that assume that since thier current management team sucks,its HIS fault!
    I dont always agree with him but I think he speaks from the heart.He often gets himself in trouble with his potty mouth,but I admire him for
    his resiliance against being blamed for everything bad ups does.