bus crash kills at least 10 after FedEx truck collision

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    Witness says, "The driver appeared to be asleep at the wheel".

    So sad.
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    Not that it really matters but was it Express, Ground, or Freight?
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    Before MF makes an issue of it, Freight.
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    This is horrible.
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  7. Very tragic. Lots of lawsuits will be filed on this against the driver and FX.
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    The driver is among the deceased
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    Thats a horrible way to go. To die on the job. Its so sad, just dont know whatelse to say?
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    In meeting this morning they thought the Fedex driver was trying to avoid a car, but I don't think anyone is for sure about how it unfolded yet. Anyway its tragic for all involved, my prayers go out to them.
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    I don't think the opco really matters right now. 10 people aren't going home. :(
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    gasp, another accident!?! RIP to those young lives & the drivers/aides involved...

    that one kid who kicked out a window of that bus probably saved most of them

    it's not peak season, what's goin' on???

    i know CDL drivers adhere to the 10-hour rest period more stringently than non-cdl package car drivers, right?

    i dunno if that Ground driver that was pulling triples in another thread also fell asleep at the wheel or it was just not focusing enough (aim high in steering)

    i know of a few drivers that are moon-lighting at another job when they finish drivin'... i'm gonna make sure they don't go out the next morning drowsy or tell them to get a double shot of coffee before heading out

    durin' peak, i drank about 4 cups of coffee just to make sure i was alert before heading out to my 12 hour day...
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    I can tell you that Job#1 for FedEx right now is saving Fred's money. There is undoubtedly already a team of lawyers on the ground doing their best to accomplish this mission. Sad, but true. Detractors: No comment on the Orland accident follows. Years ago, we had an Express RTD kill several people when he fell asleep at the switch. He was OK, but there was quite a body count. We had known for years he was moonlighting, and so did management, so those folks didn't have to die. The investigation revealed all of this, and the RTD spent some time in jail.

    What was shocking was the "damage control" after the accident. The next day, the lawyers from MEM were already there, and we had all been threatened with our jobs if we spoke to the media, which was massed outside the gates to the ramp. No mention of the victims, but all about not saying anything good or bad about FedEx. Zero concern for them...just the liability.
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    Very sad no matter what the name on the side of the truck is !! :pouting:
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    Yep. Driver could have passed out, car could have cut him off. I'll wait for the NTSB Report. A bunch of HS kids on a trip to check-out a college...and then this. No reason for it. This is the kind of stuff that makes me an agnostic, as in why would a loving God allow something so tragic to happen. We had a feeder plane crash once too, and management's reaction was the same. No concern for the pilot, and cover FedEx for any liability. Very disturbing.
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    The lawyers will somehow come up with people saying they saw the driver being cutoff by a car. There is no way they will admit driver fell asleep. I also want to see what the NTSB comes up when investigation is through. You can bet if FDX is at fault, they will try and sweep this under the rug asap. Possibly an out-of-court settlement with terms undisclosed.
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    If FedEx is implicated by the NTSB, the legal team will be out trying to get the victims families to sign their rights away for a song.
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    God doesn't cause the tragedy. He enables and inspires the heroism of the survivors. He gives hope to the family members who lost their loved ones. But, you have to learn that for yourself. May God bless all the souls involved and affected.
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    God "sees" everything, He is omnipresent and omniscient, yet both followers and non-followers get bumped-off all the time....for no reason. What about 4 month old babies killed in mudslides or any variety of other ways? Starving hordes in Africa? Why doesn't He step-in? Sorry, but there is no logic to it.