Bush, the new age HOOVER!

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    With job losses mounting, the false economy of the Bush administration failed to extend its "hiding" into the next presidents term. Despite the many actions of the "Bushed" administration, the reality of the failed policies still reared their heads before he left office.

    No way can he claim any other president but himself created this mess.

    Here is a graph on job growth/loss going back a few decades. Notice how "job losses" are mainly with REPUBLICAN presidents.

    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    Job Growth Under Bush and Prior Presidents (through August 2008)

    As mentioned in my prior post, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the August employment report on September 5th. Using that data, I updated my July 13th post regarding job growth under Bush and prior presidents. Since I plan to continue updating this post, I've now placed it permanently at https://web.archive.org/web/20090207005354/http://home.att.net/~rdavis2/empterm.html. Following is an updated graph of the data:

    Both BUSH'S should be ashamed of what "they" did to this country in 12 years time collectively.

    Bush made a comment that "he" felt time would be good to him and history will reflect on him in a positive light....AHHNNNNN...WRONG!

    He will go down as the worst president in history.

    1) record setting personal bankruptcies in history
    2) record home foreclosures in history
    3) record federal deficit in history
    4) record job losses in modern history
    5) record business closures in modern history
    6) record outsourced jobs in modern history
    7) record decline in personal wealth for average americans
    8) record oil prices in history
    9) record food prices in history
    X) record BANK FAILURES in modern history
    11) record spending on 2 simultaneous wars
    12) record retirement programs sent to PBGC in history
    13) largest loss of wealth on wall street in modern history

    The list goes on and on and on.....

    History will be kind on GW BUSH, but that kindness will be trying to forget about him and his failed leadership.

    Instead of a library, they should dedicate a bankruptcy court after him.

    Here in California, they named a sewage treatment plant after him, BRAVO Mr President, thats an honor you can live up to!:dead:
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    Um no they didn't. That was voted down.
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    Speaking of naming things after people......the rule should always be only use dead people.

    There have been stories where parks and such get named after a famous somebody and then that famous person gets into trouble with the law and it's an embarassing situation all around.
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    If you live in Illinois or New York, Obama and Hilary are being replaced. With all your political views, you might want to give the governors a call and throw you name in the hat.

    That is of course, if you are either black or female. as both governors are looking for the same gender and race to serve the people.

    And I'm not being disprectful, you just seem to be obsessed with the Democratic Party, I think you would be a great fit.
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    Remember when the Iraq war was an issue. Nightly stories on how bad things were. Now that the war is won and the last vestiges of Terrorism are being cleaned up we suddenly have very few stories running on this successful conclusion.

    I wonder if the Libcons will give bush credit for the lower gas prices. It seems they gave him plenty of blame when the prices spiked?:peaceful:
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    OK...if Bush is a HOOVER then Obama is a DYSON!

    Personally, I thought Bush was more of an ORECK...JMHO.
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    If Bush is Hoover, what should be name our best and most popular(9% approval) congress..Two more years of congress failures will lose the demms some seats in 2010....You heard it here first but not last!
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    Surprise.....yet another diversionary Bush bashing post. :sleeping2:

    Just don't call Obama a cotton gin. Eli Whitney might take offense.
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    Don't forget you always blame the sitting president, so I'm blaming Bush for lower gas prices....just like the Dems. blamed him for the high gas prices. You go Georgie boy !! :happy-very:
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    Did anyone look at the chart? It clearly shows jobs increased under both Bush presidencies.
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    The truth doesn't matter...Bush lost to Obama!
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    *******************************************, I can say that I have trouble understanding your logic sometimes.

    The Chart only goes until Aug 08, the other disastrous half of the chart for 08 is not finalized as of yet.

    In that second half, over 1 MILLION jobs lost and counting. Job losses thru the end of the second quarter will ALL BE ATTRIBUTED to GW BUSH and his failed policies of protecting american workers, much like the legacy of REAGAN and his father G.H. BUSH.

    The chart is clear AV8, Reagan, Bush and Bush 2 have lost the most jobs in history.

    Congrats on supporting them.:dead:
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    Politicians are like vacums Hoax, they all SUCK !
    In this case however, we just have to sort who sucks less.
    Lately, IMO Rep's are commercial corperate strength heavy duty vacums operated by only a few and Dem's are more residential strength operated by the average Joe ....:wink2:
    Libertarians and Independents, they don't suck, they just BLOW....like a lawn blower that scatters everything Rep's and Dem's can't pick up..:wink2:


    People always want to blame the President. The Democrats blame the Republicans and vise versa. They always forget, or just don't truely understand, that Congress makes the rules and laws for our Country not the president. All the blame should be put where it really belongs, on a lame Congress. In my opinion our Congress does not represent the majority of the people. We are truck drivers , plumbers , garbage men and women and a whole host of other occupations but congress is all lawyers. So much for the saying FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. I stand behind George W. Bush as I will stand behind Barrack Obama even though I did not vote for him. I pray he does the best for our Country and our citizens. God Bless America