Called in but sup claims no call designation can't be changed

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    I had to call in last week - I contacted the tower and I always get who I talked to and the time.
    My sup was on vacation last week and the tower didn't let the temporary sup know I had called in. I did let the temp sup know the next day when I came in who I talked to but she already had put it in as a no call. (I have been there several years and they all know I always call if something comes up). I did not have the temp sups phone number and since I called the tower figured they would let her know. Which of course they didn't. My regular sup asked me this past Monday why I was off and told me I had to have more than just I was taking off that evening. She claims she can't go back and change the no call in the records. I called from my cell phone as my proof.
    What article do I use to file a grievance - can't figure out which one - don't ask me to ask a steward they are only good for turning grievances into. I was thinking 37 or 6. I don't want this on my permanent record when I called in and they chose to mark it incorrectly. Thanks.