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    I tried to research but couldn't find what i wanted to know..I just got a warning letter for no following directions when my supervisor said i had to call a full-time sup when I'm not going to make 9.5 or if i have to mis pkgs..Well i called in at 4pm and said i wasn't going to make 9.5 then i called back at the building at 6:30 and there were no full-time sups there so i talked to the part-time and told him i might have to mis a few pkgs to get in with my air p/u by 8:15 and he said okay so thats what i did..this morning i get a warning letter for not calling a full-time sup on his/her cell phone..Well i was looking on here and found a few things but i still have a few questions.. The supervisors at my building said we are not allowed to message in with the diad saying we won't be in by the 9.5,but that's the only way to communicate with them without using my own money by paying for a pay phone or using my cell phone minutes.. So I'm asking if i can get in trouble by just sending a message and not calling the building or should i go to a business and call the building..And when or if i call and theres no full-time sup there do i have to call their cell phones..thanks everyone and sorry it was so long
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    You need to grieve that warning letter now. It is not your fault they overdispatched you and you DID call in. You worked as instructed. File.
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    Don't carry your phone> Don't call your sup on their cell phone. You text in with the DIAD. That is what the capability is there for.

    Grieve it. Talk to your steward.
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    Do not use your personal phone to call in no matter what. If they are going to be so ridiculous about this drive 30 min to a business to call if you must and of course yes grieve this immediately. What did the steward that was present when you received the warning letter have to say about all this?
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    He told me to file an harassment grievance since this all started after i filed a 9.5 two weeks ago..So even if the supervisor tells me to call in i don't have too since they don't provide me with anything to do so
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    Ask UpstateNYUPSer. He will know.
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    What is 9.5?

    I would call in by the cutoff time established by your center team for 9.5 issues. Yes, I would use my personal cell to do so. I would again call in by the cutoff time if you are going to have missed and, yes, I would again use my personal cell phone; however, I would not call the personal cell phone of my on-car or center manager unless directed to do so by the OMS or PT sup. You called the center--your responsiblity ends there.
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    should be interesting . pins and needles here.
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    ^^^^^^ This!
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    is upstatenyupser joking
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    You are NOT obligated to use your personal cell phone for UPS business. ODS in or ask them to provide you with a center cell phone if they desire you to call in and the center is where you need to call in, not their cell phone. If they are adamant about this, ask them to show you where (in writing) this is required of you.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You are right--you are not obligated to use your personal cell phone for company business---I choose to use my personal cell phone for company business.
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    thanks guys..the supervisors in my center are just trying to intimidate us so it makes their jobs easier
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    I love it when they send me that message saying, What's it gonna take for you to be under 9.5. I always reply, Help. Let them manage it and do it thru the board. You went above and beyond here canam450. Document everything and follow up with the harassment grievance. Especially when it continues !
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    Please communicate all messages through DIAD. Sear it into your retinas so you could type it blindly at any given message that has the word call in it. When management instructs you to break off and call, find the nearest UPS store. Throw it in gear and cruise on over to said phone. Make sure to use your camera on your cell phone to take a picture of the message instructing you to break off and find said phone.
    The next day when they ask why you traveled off area to the UPS store, show them said picture on your cell phone. That should end the discussion, letting them know your phone isn't used for business.
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    I prefer to tell them I need a deloreon with a flux capacitor and enough room to hit 88mph. Then I might have a chance at staying under 9.5.
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    Wait a minute, wait a minute. How long have you been driving? You waited till 630pm to tell someone you would have missed did not know that at 430pm, 200pm!! I would have given you a second warning letter for the missed pcs. Get your act together please!
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Dragon, suppose you left work early to go watch your son's baseball game---would you really want drivers to call you on your personal cell phone to deal with work-related issues while you are watching the game?
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you are talking about using my personal cell phone for company business then, no, I am not joking. I like to work smarter, not harder.
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    Typing a message covers you as proof that you communicated the problem. Most times when I communicate the problem thru the DIAD I end with please return a message as to have received. I'll ask several times till I get a message back if I have to. I will also sometimes ask the OMS to print out the message for me.

    I am here: