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    Just curious to here how everyone else calls in sick, what time, who do u speak with and if they ever try to talk u out of it. I have only called in sick 4 times in 10 years, but i think this year will be different. I havent been home before 730 the past 3 weeks. Our management team gets to take a half day once a week. We only get 1 week for paternity and they get 3. I'm sick of breaking my back and coming home at 800 with no energy left to play with my kids. Something has to change with this next contract.
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    You get one week paid, but you're free to use up to 3 months for paternity with FMLA, but most of it will be unpaid.
  3. CTOTH

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    I call anytime before I'm supposed to be there and say "Hi, My name is xxx xxx and I won't be in today, I'm not feeling well," then I hang up without giving the sup a chance to respond.
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    Anyone with morals calls early before the shift starts. I try to give as much notice as possible. But thain again....I haven't called in since 2000. It's good to make the call as soon as you know so management can adjust and find a replacement <---LOL. Not right before the shift starts. If a situation arrives where you don't even know until minutes before the shift then that is different. I like how the military handles absentees. If you don't get scheduled off in advance you pretty much need to get a doctor's note. I saw people go to jail, "The Brig", for missing a couple of days. A simple call and saying, "My name is Private Whatever and I can't make it to work today", doesn't cut it.
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    Good idea, call before the shift starts. Leave message on answering machine.. Sometimes no calls get them really ticked off.. lol...
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    When I first started driving I didn't call in for years and would come to work feeling like total crap. Then one day I was sick really bad with some kind of stomach bug which made me throw up 4 times during they the day and I was constatly stopping at gas stations to use the bathroom. Since then, whenever I feel like crap I call in-I never want to go through that again. Sometimes the center manager answers, but I really don't care. If I have it in my mind that I'm too sick to come to work, I'm not coming to work. I don't care if its July Thursday July 5th and have no intentions of booking back on for Friday.

    I know some drivers that talk to a OMS person and they tell him to hold on and he hangs up or just says to his sup "this is so and so I'm booking off, goodbye" I don't do that and consider it rude. What can they possibly do to you, they're on the other end of a phone? Beat you up? I just talk to them.

    At the same time, I find it odd that its OK to book back on to an OMS and she says "OK, I'll let them know", but when you book off they want you to talk to a sup.
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    I havent called off sick in a while, but I do call and take days off if they have extras, way more than I should. Or they call me to see if I want to stay home. I guess their numbers look better without me, and I go off to pursue my interests.
    I think the rule of thumb is one hour before start time. I always talk to whoever answers, if they try to convince me to come in coz they are short, exactly what are they going to do, drag me through the phone line? In those cases I would call as early as I thought someone with authority, mgr, sup or dispatcher, would be there.
    And those with kids, there are just times you need a day to be with them, they grow up and go away way too fast.
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    It's really interesting to me how UPS just allows employees to call in and it seems, for the most part, doesn't give them a hard time about it. I've never been one to call in sick much, if at all, but I've worked for a company or two that was pretty staunch with regard to penalizing employees for excessive absenteeism. Is there a reason and is this only among hourly employees? How is it different for those on salary? :confused:1

    One of those companies was a 4-and-out type. You miss 4 days...excused or not...and you're gone.
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    You are allowed 6 lates or sicks in 6 months w/out recieving a warning letter. In our district we are not allowed sick days but in some districts you are allowed 9 per year.
  10. well the PT hourlies (I'd assume the drivers get the same or better) get 5 sick days and 3 personal days here in the Northeast. Many of us figure if we have them why not use them? However if you miss days and DON'T call in you'll be hassled maybe suspended SEVERAL times and then fired....but the union usually gets you your job back. If I'm going to be out, I call in, might as well get paid for it. Personally I've never just not showed, if I was late I'd call, if I overslept, I'd call and make it in as soon as possible (hey it happens sometimes on the preload shift and they know that). The rule is if you're not gonna be in just call...yea they might be unhappy but at least you've given them fair warning.
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    Let's all remember that it's NOT a regular job. Those pathetically few sick days are there for a reason.

    1. If I have a doctors appointment at 7 PM, I have to book off cuz I won't make it.

    2. Renew your license? Gotta blow a sick day for that, too.

    3. School meeting for your kid? They don't do that at night.

    4. More than 1 kid? See #3.

    5. Any meeting, any personal thing you have to do requires a sick call because you work too damn late to make it. And the people you're meeting can't understand it.

    "Can't you go in late?" No.

    "Can't you leave early?" No.

    I either work my full shift, or I don't work at all.

    "Wow, that sucks". Yeah, tell me about it.
  12. hoser

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    If you are sick, all you have to say is: "I am sick and I will not be able to come into work today."

    Repeat the line verbatim if they persist. I don't remember the CBA making any mention of having to show proof, so stick with it. It's your right. The supervisor has no right to ask what your illness is, unless it's extended IIRC, and I think that's handled through someone in HR; medical issues are private and of no business to your supervisor.

    Yeah, UPS has that, only that it's 4 consecutive no-call-no-shows.

    The 4 excused or non excused and you're gone policy is pretty stupid, not only is it bad HR, but it's most likely illegal; I don't remember a democracy allowing companies to fire employees if they have a week-long flu. So I call BS on that.
  13. BrownKnows

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    Well, no-call/no-shows at most more than 2 or 3 and you're gone. Four consecutive is pretty good. That one I was talking about was a hospital and EVERY time you were late, it went in your file. Eight tardies...even by 3 minutes (and the time clock would round up 3 were expected to be there no later than 3 minutes prior to your shift) a 3 month period and they fired you. No questions asked. Most people were so eager to leave that I don't think they cared. They would complain to the "higher-ups" but it never got anyone's job back that I was aware of.
  14. abes

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    Over9five you are right on.And if you asked for a lighter day you would most certainly get another 10-20 stops,they know you need to get out early.My younger days they would beg and harass me to come in,and I called in maybe 1 or 2 days a year.Now I just say I am sick and thats it,hold your ground,thats why we have sick days,if they say theres no coverage,The sup can brown up.They hate that.
  15. Harry Manback

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    Whatever happened to Excessive Overtime grievance. Over 9.5, 3 days in a 5 day span, you can file. They don't even have to be consecutive. Of course, everyone know what happens then...they put o2 sensors in your car to measure how many times you flatulate per day; ask you what they smell like; you respond with "rotten eggs?"; they respond with termination for dishonesty. According to the sensors installed in your car, your flatus actually smells like hot garbage.

    That never happened to me, but I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if it did. :thumbup1:
  16. DS

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    I`ve called in a few times over the years,but not unless
    I am really ill,or if a good friend needs me at a funeral.
    I`m more desparate to be able to cover the mortgage
    every month than I am to sit at home and do nothing.
    Last summer our indoors cat,decided to jump the fence
    into the neighbors yard.I managed to catch the little bastard
    but on my way back I only had one hand to climb the fence
    holding the cat like I was.I slipped and fell about 5 feet and broke a rib.It was rough but I didn`t miss a day.
    Twice in 17 years I called in on the road too sick to continue.
    I do agree with what over9 said,they dont have the flexibility
    to allow you to start late or leave early,so if you need something done,the only way is to do it on area or call in.
    I have all my neccessitys in my area.My doctor,my dentist,
    my bank,my lawyer,my computer store.
  17. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    I forgot to mention,the regional manager was visiting
    (I`ve known him a long time) and when he got wind
    of my catscapade,had to shake my hand,and ventured
    that maybe I was getting a bit old to be chasing *****
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    I've called in once in my various stints with UPS, totaling about 20 months. The one time I called in, my boss goes, "But, maaaaaan, I need you in here! I've got three people on vacation and two others already called in!" I had just had a car accident and wasn't in the mood for games. I came back, "X, I was involved in a car accident about an hour ago. I'm not in the mood right now!" He said, "Whooa, whooooa, whoooooa! First, are you OK? Any broken bones, any bumps or bruises?" I growled, "No, I'm fine. Just rattled." He whined, "I'll see you tomorrow?" I answered in a harried voice because I was being waved back outside to try to get my poor car running, "I don't know. Maybe. Probably. I'll call you tomorrow," and hung up. Went in the next day, offered a copy of the accident report and was waved off. I don't know what my personnel file ever said about it. It was one miss. I wasn't gonna sweat it. -Rocky
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    After a few times of being talked into going in when sick I stopped that business. Said they'd get me some help but never did, just slammed as usual. Then got written up for tardiness to boot.

    I don't call in often but just tell them I'm sick and won't be in when I do call. If they pressure me I tell them I'm sick to my stomach, have the runs and do they want more detail. They are always glad to end the conversation at that point. dw
  20. hoser

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    When I worked as a baggage handler for an airline, if you punched in later than 60 seconds, you were written up. If people didn't like it, they could quit, or just leave the house 120 seconds earlier. I think it was fair, you gotta draw a line somewhere.