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    I work pre-load, and due to not feeling well, i missed two days of work last week (Tuesday and Thursday). On Thursday, the Ops. Manager told me that I can't keep missing work. I went to work Friday feeling worse than the other 2 days. I've been feeling weak, nauseous, dizzy, and jittery.

    Well, I've felt like this all weekend and I called off this morning. The Ops. Manager was not happy, and told me to get a doctor's note, and to not leave until they figure out what is wrong with me. I know he's not happy, but my health is more important than my job. In case I have to have some tests run, do I need to get a doctor's note excusing me from work for some time? Thanks!!
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    By all means, go see the doctor. You're right, your health is far more important than this job, or any job for that matter, so go get yourself checked out.

    Missing 3 days in 2 weeks most certainly warrants a doctor's note, primarily to show that you were indeed out for health reasons.
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    You should have gone to the Doctor on Thursday for two reasons.
    1. You heath IS more important that any job.
    2. Your butt is covered with the company

    Anytime I am sick enough to call in for two days I want to get whatever is wrong with me fixed.

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    If you are sick for that long and missing work, GO SEE THE DOCTOR.

    There is no way anyone in management or this board is going to give you a free pass on this one. Missing 3 days in a row requires a doctor's note when you come back. Now its been almost a week and you're still sick. C'mon buddy, no one has to hold your hand.
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    Is there really any wording in the contract about a doctors note? If so, where? I'd like to read it.
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    Old management ploy. Try to make you feel guilty for calling in sick. A doctor's note is your best friend. The best thing you can do for your future at UPS is to establish yourself with a good doctor that you respect and will work in your best interests. (And I am not talking about conning)

    In the old days, whenever you called in management would try to convince you to come in and work because they couldn't run the shift without you. I think they all went to a seminar on how to guilt trip the employee. It hasn't been that way in awhile.
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    Upstate, trp, and disney, i appreciate your answers. I will be heading to the doctor shortly. When I called off this morning, the manager was telling me how 3 people were out already, and that "we can't keep doing this," meaning he doesn't want me calling off. Why not hire some backup pre-loaders? That happened a couple months ago. Some people were hired, laid off, used as needed. and are finally permanent. Wouldn't this help solve some of the problem?

    I also meant to mention that I actually called the manager last night, and told him that I may not be making it in the morning. That's when he told me about 3 people being out, and then he proceeded to ask me what was wrong. If I'm sick, I'm sick. Nothing I can do about that!
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    Call in when you need to. Don't get sucked into their game of 'oh you can't call in' or 'what's wrong?'. The 'what's wrong' one is priceless. Like they are doctors and know what's best. I broke my morning sups of that one a long time ago. A few times of hanging up on them and they figure out to not bother asking.

    As far as the 3 day rule and needing a doctors note is true. However they don't always enforce it. I've been out a few times over the past few years for more than 3 days and have never been asked to bring in a doctors note. As long as you are at home really sick and not out playing hookie getting caught doing something you shouldn't be doing you have nothing to worry about. They can threaten discipline but it won't stick.

    When you told the mgr 'you may not be making it in, in the morning' and he had responded with 'what's wrong'............ I would have told him 'now I am calling in sick, bye'. LOL They just can't help themselves.
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    Usually it's a few bad apples that spoil it for everyone else. Some people skip work for no good reason and that's why mgmt asks for doctor's notes. Usually a bad cold can keep you out of work for a day or two, which shouldn't normally require a trip to the doctor. However, everyone's different. I don't go to the doctor just for a cold. If it's worse than that or lasts more than 3 days, then I see the doctor.

    And I do remember being guilt tripped into coming into work when I was sick. I dreaded calling in because of the crap they would say to me. One time I came into work sick and ended up going home in the middle of my shift and later to the emergency room for dehydration and 103 fever. So yeah, don't let them guilt trip you into coming in if you really are sick.