Can a Car Washer become a package car driver?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Super 9, Jul 26, 2011.

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    This is probably a stupid question but thought I'd ask it anyway. Can a Car Washer eventually try to become a package car driver? I'm not in the Teamsters union at my local hub, I'm in the Mechanics union, if that makes a difference. And I work at the Horsham, PA hub. I just started there, haven't even gotten a year in yet and I'm sure I'd have to wait at least a decade before even having the slightest chance of becoming a driver :funny:. I don't really care if I can't but I was just wondering anyway.
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    I think you would have to be the off the street hire in the 6-1 equation.
  3. Super 9

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    Ah ok, so the seniority I would gain from being a car washer would mean nothing towards trying to become a driver huh? Oh well. Thanks for the response.
  4. Just Numbers

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    I have known of two car washers who became divers but am unsure of what took place for this to happen. But, to answer your basic question the answer is yes.
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    Super 9, If the position is an article 22.3 job, that is a full-time job. In upstate NY we have one full-time seniority list. If you have more seniority than a PC driver and hold a 22.3 job, than according to our contract when we bid our jobs every 2 years, you would have the right to bid a PC position. Ups would have to send you to school. Than you would have to qualify. Hope this helps.
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    Off topic alert!! Which upstate NY are you talking about? Above NYC, or Syracuse and above?
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    To him Albany is Upstate.
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    My position isn't a 22.3 job and isn't full-time unfortunately, I'm in the mechanics union IAM local 447.
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    Also, I see a lot of our drivers sometimes working inside as sorters, loaders, etc. So I'm guessing I would have to be in those positions first before I became a driver since I might end up back in the hub when laid off?
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    Not necessarily if you were laid off they would probably have you unload trailers, or train you for whatever job you would be doing.
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    Ah ok, thanks.
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    I work in your district. You have no shot to drive unless you quit. Then wait a year, then get hired as a teamster employee, then work partime for at least 10-12 years before you have a shot to go full time. It sounds harsh but that the reality of it. I know part time people in my building that have 13 years in and are just being able to sign bids that are for driving jobs. If i were you try to get a part time job in the shop as a mechanic then work your way to a full time mechanic job. But you really have no shot to be a driver. Sorry ;(
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    Can a well mannered monkey with solid hygiene... become a package driver? To the O.P. they say never give up on your dreams and anything is possible. I'm going to say yes it's possible to your question.