Can I do anything about this?

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    My boxline has been understaffed for what seems like a month now. My sup has recently been sending me up to the slide anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour, some times from the start of my shift, which makes sorting almost impossible due to how stuffed my cages are, and at the same time slows me down even more. Then I'm taken off my trucks multiple times through out to clear multiple bulk carts. This all leads to my cages still being heavy at the end of the day and having to dump out all packages infront of my truck and quickly load them, leading to a crap and messy load. Today my sup got some loader I've never seen before to load one of my trucks and when I went inside that truck I found 3 misloads before my sup forced me out and made me do some other crap. Another day another sup made me load this huge bulk piece blocking my walkway to the shelves while I still had pieces coming down the line, she told me to just throw the pieces to the corresponding shelf (This is the same person who told me throwing packages was a safety hazard). This all leads to crap load quality, misloads, and :censored2: off drivers. Does anyone have any advice? Could the union help?
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    I thought, past on a previous thread you started, that you are/were a driver trying to complete your 30 day qualification?

    To answer your question....yes. Work as directed unless you feel what you are being asked to do is unsafe or an egress issue. Then point out why you don't feel comfortable doing what the sup told you to do (i.e. being told to move a bulk piece to block a walkway).
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    Probably another person. I'm a preloader, made book a month ago.
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    He was asking about getting in the Union
  5. Gumby

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    Still waiting that beer....buddy.
  6. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers bad. You are will be moved around a lot. It happens. Work as directed.
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    And plan on getting warning letters for those misloads.
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    work as directed unless told to do something, unsafe, illegal, immoral , or unethical. if any of those , ask the supe to repeat order in front of witnesses . always CYA.
  9. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    9 years loading and I never got a warning letter for misloads. I'm not saying I never had misloads. Mistakes happen.
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    Work at a safe pace and do a good job. Thats all you can do. They will get tired of the move people around to cover understaffing game eventually
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    I was being sarcastic as he found misloads in HIS cars from a newbie.
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    You are a cog, cogs don't talk. Cogs work with other cogs to make the machine work. Each cog has its job, some cogs are interchangeable. Some cogs have been in the same grooves for so long it's hard to place them anywhere else. When cogs get old and worn out they eventually break or are replaced.

    You are a new cog, welcome to the machine.
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    The answer is, work safely and by the methods. Never bend or break on this. Don't stack packages and empty full cages at the end. Don't place bulk in your egress (that's laughable...I would politely refuse, and when the sup confronts again and again, it would be less politely)

    Work at 8am the same as 4am. If UPS cannot manage it's operations, it isn't your fault and don't let them guilt you into feeling as though you failed. And also don't allow them to tell you how many packages you "must" pull per cage, or load. Wave bye-bye and onto the next cage. Tell them it is inconsequential to you and ask for a shop steward, or end the conversation.

    UPS is a culture of bullying, intimidation and things like are new and they want to make it a point to see what they can get away with...maybe make you feel as though you aren't good enough... boss you around the operation to see how far they can push you. If you ride it out and allow THE METHODS to set you free, they will..eventually.
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  14. You can always take your time and do the job right. Their production numbers mean nothing and misloads mean even less. Especially considering they'll misloads :censored2: at the end of the sort of drivers have already pulled off.
  15. Richard Harrow

    Richard Harrow Deplorable.

    It's not your job to do anything but take their money.

    Shut up and take their money.
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  16. Box Ox

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    Refuse to work unsafely. Make it very clear to the sup and those around you who are witnesses if you're in an unsafe situation. Let them know you're either stopping the belt or leaving the area until you're cleaned up.

    Sups won't like it and will protest because they're under the numbers gun. Tell them to make your day if they want to suggest your safety is a problem. Never went beyond that point when I was PT inside.

    And if anybody else loads anything on your set for the day, your response to any misload printouts should be a written refusal to sign and a detailed explanation of exactly why. Who else was loading what? How long? Etc. If it's pulled out of your file later for review you and your shop steward can have a good time with it.
  17. Mesomorph

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    Work at the safest pace you feel comfortable with, and pay attention to your PALS. Make sure you do not get any wrong cars, that is the main thing. You get 0 wrong cars you are golden and your drivers are happy. If you get wrong cars but are sent help because you are behind, then you are no longer solely liable for those wrong cars and you should be sure to point that out.

    Seriously I felt I was going to be fired for my first couple months, but if you legitimately try your best and watch your PALS, you will inevitably get better over time and they will just be happy to have you working for them. Just try your best, and do not be afraid to tell them you are trying your best. Good luck to you brother
  18. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    I agree just keep doing your best. At $10.10/hr for 3 1/2 hours a day and no benefits UPS is lucky to keep any new hires for longer then a day or week. UPS knows this also. Show up everyday ready to work and let the disaster be managements problem.