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  1. UPShopeful24

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    Hey everyone, just have a question about becoming a driver. I'm on my 30 day probational period and I went out with the Sup for three days on a route, Friday was my first day on my own and we had bad weather conditions (like 5 inches of snow). Anyways, here's my situation, for some reason i stop completed a pick up by mistake and i missed that pick up, what can i expect from that mistake? will i get fired? i'm worry, i love the job so far and wouldn't like to loose it for that mistake. Any intake will be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. DS

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    phone, or drop into that pickup first thing monday morning and try to avoid them from calling in a missed pickup.Explain you are new and you are sorry,they may have had nothing going out that day,and you may be off the hook .:winkiss:
  3. ups79

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    It is probably best to tell your supervisor. Don't try to hide anything from them, for eventually they will hear about it.
  4. UPShopeful24

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    But lets say that the place did call the center for the pick up, would that jeopardize my job? It was the first time on my own in that route and the weather was really bad.
  5. DS

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    This might be better advice than mine.You are new.
    Hopefully they wont hassle you too much.
  6. They can fire you without a reason during your probationary period. Hopefully, for your sake, it is not a customer that ships out 35 reds a day. If it probably would of heard about it before you left the building that night. You should be fine.
  7. Channahon

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    You should have called the center when you realized you made the error. They may have been able to get someone else to make the pick up. Is there a reason you didn't mention it on Friday before you left work?
    I would make the first move on Monday to talk with the supervisor or manager. That is taking responsibility for your error.
  8. browniehound

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    I would have phoned the dispatcher or told him when you got back if you realized too late to make the pick-up yourself, he could have sent a late-air driver there or something. As far as getting fired, if they like you, I don't think they'd get rid of you. Everyone makes mistakes, especially on day 4 of a driving job. My first full day as an air-driver I missed a pick-up at a lawyer's office that shipped 10 or so NDAS and are closed when I would swing in. Me being stupid went to the second floor of the office building instead of the 3rd floor (yeah, I know, why didn't I notice the sign on the office door was for a software company and not a lawyer's office:sad: ) I was in a rush and very nervous and just screwed up. I didn't realize, however, that I missed the pick-up until the next day when my sup asked me what happened at so-and-so's pick-up. She said this was big, but I didn't get fired.

    Chances are with your pick-up, if it was snowing, they probably left early and had nothing going out anyway. Either that, or they would have thought the conditions were bad and wouldn't have expected a pick-up. It was snowing in my neck of the woods on friday too and about 10% of my pick-ups were still there when I arrived at the scheduled time. I wouldn't sweat it. Worst case senario, you try again in a year:thumbup1:

    Just be honest, they can never take that away from you
  9. hoser

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    it's a mistake. it happens. you're only an :censored2: if you do it twice. whatever. life goes on.

    what will cause you to lose your job is trying to do something clever or sneaky. be accountable, aware, and say that you will do better, and it will make it harder for anyone with a spine to want to fire you.
  10. Harry Manback

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    They make spines in management size? :lol: Not to sound like a turd or does one go about stop completing a pu you didnt actually make?
  11. RTS-wornout

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    That's called theft of time - taking credit for something you haven't done. It's a nail in your career coffin-don't do it.
  12. Hangingon

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    So whatever happened? It's Tuesday... (I hate it when someone posts with an issue at work then never reposts to say how it was resolved.)
  13. brownmonster

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    He's probably in line down at the unemployment office. How dare he make a mistake.
  14. MR_Vengeance

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    worry about not getting in an accident first than anything else.
  15. satellitedriver

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    Be honest and open with the customer and your manager.
    You made a rookie mistake, it happens.
    The weather should not be your excuse. You being on your own for the first day is a far better excuse and very typical.
    This job really is about stress management. It is the one thing that makes or breaks a driver. Try to think your way thru the day, not feel it.
    I know what I am posting seems trite,but when I learned to slow down and think, this job got alot easier.
    I wish you luck.
  16. DS

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    I could not agree more but trite it aint,
    good advice but it takes time to learn by error
  17. helenofcalifornia

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    Geez, this brings back my rookie days. I would go out and be sweating bullets all day long. My back was drenched, I was so nervous. Forget missing pickups, I just didn't want to hit another car. There was SO much to remember especially if you have never done any driving for UPS before. The good old days. The closest I get to breaking a nervous sweat these days is getting rid of all the reds before 10:30 while also trying to deliver as many ground as possible. The hunt!