'Removed from Service' for waiting for pick ups.


this is exactly how I see. Some of the responses here make sense for 20y ago when they didn’t have the ability to see what going on without driving out and looking in your truck. There are trade offs they have the ability to spy on us all day now so they can’t claim we are sitting out there without them knowing. Their iPad shows you have no delivery’s, completed lunch, and are parked outside a pickup that isn’t due for 2 hours why do you need to tell them as well?
It’s like during the snow
“Please take pics of the bad roads for emergency conditions”
Maybe in the past but you have a spy camera installed in my truck quit being lazy and match the time I sheeted it with the camera footage m, aka do your job.

I don't think you have a good understanding about the way Lytx works.
They aren't saving everybody's full day footage. They only keep stuff that gets flagged.

just in case you missed it.

I am not sure why your team doesn't trust you but that comes from all of the lies/fibs we have been told over the years...


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Panel is just another part of the labor process. I am not sure why we hate it if we have a solid case. It must be different where you work.
Funny because it’s really 50-50 most of the time, I generally suggest never going as an hourly if it can be resolved before hand But about half the time you wasted your time or got something shoved up your backside as well.


I agree with you.
It makes sense. Labor makes the uninformed center manager that can’t understand the contract back down if they don’t have a case, and the union pushes the hourly to settle if they don’t have a case so only those where both sides think they have a good shot move forward. Hence the 50/50. The entire job of the labor manager is to save the company money when the center managers don’t understand the process and have dumb article 50s etc.

What do you think about the actual topic outside your normal bluster. If you dispatched a driver to have 2 hours of downtime before his scheduled pickups would you blame him and fire him for your mistake?


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My advice is free and you can take it or leave it but if I were representing you I would suggest you don’t do that, so you can not sit out for weeks waiting for a decision to go your way, or possibly not.
My guess is probably not if the employee decided to ask for back pay.


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The fact that this thread ran longer than one page is a testament to how far this board has fallen. There’s nothing here but bad-faith trolls and the willfully ignorant boomers they prey on.