Can I get my job back ?

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    I worked as a pre-loader for five months.After being injured twice and be treated poorly both time I stopped showing up.Four days latter I was sent a note thru the post office saying I had been terminated because I hadn't showed up or called in for 3 days.I agreed that I should of been fired,I mean I was basically quiting.
    I was told not to file for workmans comp the first time I was injured.They asked if I had ever had any back problems in the past and I said yes so they said it was pre-existing and wouldn't be coverd under workmans comp.So I ended up taking a week off and comming back with a doctors release.Well three months latter I was injured again lifting a 120 pound package that was marked only with someone writting 129 pounds heavy in ink in very small writting.I was already commited and had lifted it up when I realized how heavy it was I then placed it on a pallet.I didn't think much of it at the time because it didn't hert that bad.The next day I called in because of the pain.Later that day I called to talk to a superviser and he told me to come in at 11:00am to talk about it.When I came in my sup. had me go see the center superviser,yes the top dog.He said that I would be costing UPS 24k because I didn't report the injury rite a way.The sups presured me into not filling for workmans comp.This was the second time in five months.I heard latter from a driver that I should of had a union stewart with me and that I most likely could of gotten my job back but I guess there is a 20 day deadline and its been a month.I was also a part time air driver and a modle employee My part time sup. often would be asking me questions.I wanted to become a full time driver but I really didn't feel like puting up with 2-3 years of this bs at the time.I tried to apply on the UPS web site for the %pm-10pm shift and in said I couldn't apply because I was a past emplyee.I'm not really sure what that means.I thought about calling up tomorrow just to see what my former sup. has to say.
    I have a friend that has a job for me in the auto industry paying 50-60k starting I may just take it.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

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    You're kidding, right?:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Sounds like someone in management hiding behind a screen name.
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    Nah....I don't even think management could be this stupid and I've seen plenty of stupid!!! But yea, if your for real call your former sup and ask for your job back and when he ask's you if your smoking crack it may be time to take that job in the auto industry. Then sign up at a night school for spelling because you beat the crap out of that thread you started. It gave me a headache just reading it!!!!:w00t:
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    No we took the last one. This ones yours. :thumbup1:
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    Dragracer-Thanks for noticing my spelling errors you really should be a teacher,sorry I didn't use spell check,you must be one of those who feels the need to put posters down whenever they miss-spell a word or two(sorry about the run on sentence).As for stupid your quote of "when working for UPS the less you know the better off you are" speeks volumes.You must be better off.Yes your probably right I may be stupid as well,thinking of going back to a job wear you get treated like *hit,*hity pay(part timers),and *hity hours.
    As for intelligence I graduated from the university of wisconsin,which is a great school(They have a strict no entry policy for retards).
    Take care dragracer and have a great day,

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    Failure to show up or call in could get you fired....

    UPS does anything and everything to prevent DART (Days Away Restricted Transfered) injuries being reported. It costs them too much money. The next time they say "it wouldn't be covered..." ask them are you a workmans comp lawyer? Then ask if they are aware that giving legal advice/practicing law without a license is illegal. As far as a pre-existing injury, it must first be proven that the injury is in the same area. The pre-existing injury may have been to the L5 and this NEW injury is to the L1 or even the T6. Now ask if the Supe if they have a medical license or are they also practicing medicine without a license.

    It looks like you could get written up for NOT FOLLOWING PROPER METHODS - Check weight and for shirting contents. At the same time you could file a grievance for the package NOT BEING PROPERLY MARKED with a highlight sticker, highlight tape (visible on ALL sides) and a improper worldship label displaying the weight as well as a big H.

    All injuries MUST be reported immediately...

    ONLY if the conversation would lead to being disciplined, then you need a Union rep. In this case nothing said lead to the termination it was the fact this person failed to report to work and did not call in...

    You were there FIVE MONTHS and had seniority to air drive? Where were the other employees?

    You are still in the system and HR has not taken you out yet...

    I suggest the auto job...
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    LKLND-Thanks for all the great information .As for your question about me being a part time air driver,all the air drivers are part timers.They only call in full timers on saturdays if there short part timers thats when there senority kicks in.

    Thanks again.

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    It is against the OSHA regs for management to discourage injuries from being reported. May want to look at this
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    i would be surprised if the 20 day rule hald up if you decided to hold off under diress or direction of mgmt. CP
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    Ummm you can tell the weight of a package just by looking at it.
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    Ten month old thread. Going down memory lane are we??