Can UPS Drivers do This?

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    I have a good friend that is a Fedex Express driver. He stoped by and I was not home and he could not leave the package. Later he drove by my house and noticed my car was in the driveway. He knoced on the door and gave me my package and we talked for about 5 min. If you stoped by once in a day can you stop by again even if you were not told to do so? I was just wondering. Also I cant even talk to my UPS driver for like 1 min. Oh I had no option, I had to use fedex. :crying:
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    i would left it in your backyard if i was your "friend".:lol:
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    lol, it needed my signiture.
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    On next day air packages we are required to attempt to deliver a second time on the first day of delivery. If I had time I would re attempt most of my not in's because that just means a little less work the next day. Fedex drivers(not fedex ground) have a large gap of time in the middle of thier day to ponder their pathetic under paid lives so redelivering helps them belive their company has substantial work help your friend see that BROWN is BETTER:wink:
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    I make second attempts on NDA signature boxes and will try to get rid of those Dells again if its not too far out of the way. One less stop the next day, consignees are very happy.
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    If it was a pia package like a Nordictrac or something like that I would make a second attempt to try and get it out of my truck so I wouldn`t lose all the room the next day.
  7. over9five

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    I always second attempt next days.

    What the hell, I'll drive right by it doing grounds later anyhow.
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    Our center prints and posts a report every morning of NDA's that were delivered after 10:30 on the second attempt of the day. Our Center Manager insists that it's an integrity problem and that the driver must have just blown of the first attempt. I guess common sense was removed from the list of desirable qualities for promotion when we went public.
  9. yea they definitely appear to suffer from square peg/round hole syndrome
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    once again friend, it depends if you are an employee of the United Parcel SERVICE..or if you are an employee of UPS..or in alot of instances just UP
    I make repeated attempts...because I know the consignee will be available later in that day...I also inform retail stops prior to there opening that they have a C.O.D. (w/ the $$ amount, and that I'll return later)...I guess I'm guilty of "overservicing" my customers
  12. Raw

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    I`ve been driving 20 years and never heard of second attempting NDA send agains. You can second attempt deliveries if you have time but if customer didn`t request another attempt that day you better log it as a duplicate stop or you can be fired for dishonesty / inflating your stop count.:ohmy:
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    So if you have a NDA sig req package that you know is medicine NI1 at 9:30AM, you won't stop in and see if they are home when you drive by their house at 4:30PM while you are running your trace?
    I'm sure you also tell your customer while you're delivering their grounds that you can't deliver their NDA because they weren't in when you came by that morning so they will have to wait until tomorrow AM to get it, and they better be in when you feel like coming by.
  15. Griff

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    I've never heard of this. If this is actually a rule, I've broken it many times and never been approached about it.
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    I will attempt a second delivery if I have time. HOWEVER, both attempts must be sheeted as first attempt as UPS not only guarantees 3 attempts we also guarantee those attempts on 3 consecutive working days.

    Before people jump all over about this, it was confirmed with my supe.
  17. Cementups

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    If I am back in the area I will reaatempt larger packages. I have even gone as far as leaving my cell phone number on the delivery notice (if I know the people well) so they can call me when they get home and we can arrange for the package to get to its recipient.

    I have never heard of a rule of reattempting NDA's. I have always just done it as a courtesy since I know would want my package if I had it shipped NDA.

    As far as sheeting it as duplicate, i think that is a gray area. It would be inflating your stops if you sheeted multiple packages fo rhte same stop in several stops back to back. but if you reattempt later on in the day then it would/should be considered another stop since you actually made seperate attempt.
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    Make the second attempt. I have never had a supe ask why I made the second attempt.
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    I had a pretty tight delivery area and often ended up returning to residential in the evening. I would often drive by a bulk stop a second time hoping to find the person home; sometimes I would do the same for a signature required package. Those were some happy folks that saw me return to complete their delivery, and if the company thought my second stop credit was wrong, none of them ever called me on it. I suspect there are some in management smart enough to realize that we are be paid to DELIVER the package, not drag it around for days.
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    Most of the NDA second attempts I have been aware of were for EAM's. However, it is nice to see you drivers accomodating your customers on a 2nd attempt for a NDA. That is going above and beyond to keep the service of UPS what it needs to be, with all the comptetition out there.