Canadian Remembrance Day Pay?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by webterractive, Nov 24, 2006.

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    Does UPS pay for the Remembrance Day holiday that fell on a Monday this year? I have been hearing some stuff at work from some people that claim that they are missing some hours, and they that the hours they are missing are for the monday which we had off because of the holiday. Another that I had chat to told me that he had talked to the Human Resource person, and that they had mentioned that UPS did not pay for the Monday that we had off because Remembrance Day is not a nationally recognized holiday. I was at the Canada Human Resources website and it states differently, its an Act from 2000, I am thinking maybe the preloader got it wrong or that maybe UPS is trying to get out of paying us the holiday that we should have got paid for. I am going to ask for a time card printout for that week in question and as well as bring in the HRC PDF print out stating which holidays are on the national level. If this turns out to be true, then should I go to the union or just let them take care of it?
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    Remembrance day has never been a paid holiday in Canada.
    This year it fell on a Saturday.You can dig all you want,but
    you wont cash in on this.
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    Something about the day only being recognized in Wester Canada as a holiday. Those who did get 'paid' had an optional used up by payroll - unless they requested otherwise. OR for those new employees (hired within that past six months) there are no optionals available until you've passed the 90 work day probation period.
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    We didn't even get the day off in Alberta. Although we might as well have as 80% of the businesses were closed on that Monday.

    Since Remembrance Day is not a stat in every province, UPS does not recognize it as such, therefore if you don't work that day you don't get paid for that day. It sucks, but it's just that simple.
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    100% incorrect.
    General Holidays and General Holiday Pay
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    Sorry Hoser, Remembrance day may be a "general holiday" in Alberta, however it is not a Statutory holiday in every province.

    Since UPS is regulated by the federal government it only follows holidays that are recognized by every province and territory (so I was told during my orientation). Therefore a provincial holiday such as Family Day in February, celebrated only in Alberta, UPS employees work on that day and get regular pay only.

    Although Remembrance Day is a holiday in Alberta, it is not for UPS in Alberta.

    So I am not 100% incorrect, I am 100% correct.