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    Because I only work part-time in the UPS warehouse, I only qualify for about $125.00 a week while I recover from surgery. I also work another job that is non-physical......Can I work the other job while collecting disability from UPS...Obviously, I can't survive on $125.00 a week......? Thank You
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    Why not put spaces in the thread title good luck getting replies no one even knows what your asking.
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    I know exactly what he is asking, which is a very good question that I honestly don't have the answer to.

    He wants to know if he is on the shelf and collecting $$ from UPS can he still work his other job.
  4. PT Stewie

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    Yes explain to insurance company about your other job being sedentary they should approve
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    Be very careful. I think I read on here a while ago that someone on disability was volunteering and was fired. This person was just sitting at a table collecting money I believe.
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    Where in post #1 does it say the OP had an on the job injury?
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    I had my knee operated on and could not work @ physical labor was totally upfront and honest with st disability people sent to my desk job with a cane .One has nothing to do with the other. You may be confused with a workmanship comp claim.
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    I am presently on STD and have been for quite some time. Your answer may depend on whether you are paying into the disability or if this is a company provided benefit. It was my understanding after reading aetna's paperwork that any source of income would result in no disability benefit if indeed the latter.
  9. PT Stewie

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    Here again one job and the benefits do not have any effect on the other if you cannot do the physical work. It the doctor says you cannot unload trucks for six weeks but sit in front of a computer there should be no problem .You just need to be honest and straight forward with STD company and have documentation.