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    Just need a little advice. I'm a 22 yr old local sorter/ utility driver for 3 years. I drive maybe 1 day a week, but i am told to call every morning. I'm next in line to go full time driving, and i've already completed driving school. I went to high school and a community college within the area and i am growing quite sick of the area. What are the odds of a transfer actually working? :thumbup:

    The center i'm at is very small "23 routes". If a transfer wont happen within 5 months, I'm considering Lineman utility school. Or should i stick with big brown? I get the impression that a high school dropout can drive for ups. I kinda want a career with a little credit... I'm not trying to dog on anyone's job either. Just want some replies.
    If you were 22 and could do it all over again, would you run the brown machine?:confused:1
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    In a word...........NO F****N WAY
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    Typical response. Don't EVER take ANY advice seriously from anyone with that kind of vocabulary. Can't count either, that's 3 words!!!!

    I would look at what you possibly expect to make whenever you might get on as a fulltimer and how long it may take you. If you ever get to the point that you are driving 4 or 5 days a week even as a part timer you will make pretty decent. Whenever I started cover driving they told me the same thing, (call us every day). It did get old after a while, especially whenever you call and they keep telling you to call back every 15 minutes. It took me about 3 years of cover driving before I went full time, however I was the exception. I know some at my center that cover drove as parttimers for about 5 to 7 years. Don;t be discouraged, the jOB is what YOU make of it.There r those who are going to have bad attitudes in every profession you can think of. It's funny the ones who claim they have it so bad still show up for work every day. Only YOU can make the decision for yourself. It can be a tough job, and I'm sure there are better jobs. It just depends on what type of work you want to make a CAREER out of. It seems like yesterday for me that I make my first solo cover drive. I've been with UPS almost 17 years now.
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    Damn Disney, you gonna let him talk to you like that??
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    His english,punctuation,sentence structure and lack of humor does not warrant a reply.
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    I have to agree with Disney. I think GMan read the question wrong.

    Both Disney and I love our job, and have excellent attitudes.
    BUT, the question was:

    "If you were 22 and could do it all over again, would you run the brown machine?"

    Me? Not a chance. I'd get a better, easier job like a normal human being.

    Teaching was sooo much better than this, but the pay suc........................................................!
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    you can have my job, my cars and my savings for me to be 22 again:crying:
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    If I were your age I would try to earn a college degree. I am a 18 year driver, 43 years old and am now trying to get that college degree so I can do something else. Working at UPS is great when you are young. The 18 years have taken a toll on my back and knees and I know I can not do this much longer. Be smart and get a degree while your young!
  9. I think a big reason we have such good people at UPS is because everyone who has been here for a while has paid a price. They give more time, they work harder, and they deal with the layoffs and uncertainties, more so than any other company I know of. Similar to basic training, the hardships tend to weed out the less commited.
    Working for Brown will definitely enable you to make good money and take care of your financial needs. You just have to be willing to be patient and understand that for a number of years it will be very tough. If you are a driver, there is a physical toll as well. Make sure you discipline yourself to not run, jump, or lift improperly, which is so easy to do when you are young and feel like you are behind from the moment you buckle your seatbelt. (Not to mention you feel invincible at 22).
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    I have to a gree with mr vengance, over9five and brown and blackandblue. Its a great place when you are young, it is a great company although from time to time, and lately alot, decisions from above are making it a harder job than it needs to be, and yes it would still be profitable.
    I didnt get my degree until I was 30, didnt drive til I was 34, annd didnt get hired til I was 26.
    Yes If I had it to do over I would use my brain and not my body. Although this job does require both.
    I might not make as much but I would have time for family and friends.
    I would pursue something other than driving, if I could, but Ive got too much time in, and that seems to be the case in many peoples careers. Pretty hard to start over when you are approaching 50 or more. Or at least scary, and Ive never bankrolled enough to wing it.
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    Depends on when you ask me. After an ungodly week and the day I just finished up with, I'd tell you to go somewhere else. But Monday brings another week and a refreshed outlook.
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    I have been with UPS since 18, I'm 23 now, I still have about 5 more years to wait for the potential to be a permenant full timer.

    Currently i am a casual driver and when i dont do that i load/sort etc.. in the hub. i hate my job and i hate UPS. I also have a B.A. but i am trapped at UPS still because i have a son and the benfits are great and i dont want to regret leaving the benfits for something crappy.

    My body already aches and pains every night/morning and i feel like my body is 10 years older than it really is.

    i want out of UPS very bad, but it's difficult to be going on job interviews/searching with my schedule...
    looks like i will be stuck for a while still... :(

    if u want any advice PM me
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    "If a transfer wont happen within 5 months, I'm considering Lineman utility school. Or should i stick with big brown?"

    You need to take a look into your future and where you would like to be. My husband is a Lineman and he can travel anywhere and will always have a secure job with excellent pay. But, his job also comes with dangers that one little mistake could cost him or his co-workers their life. You will have to pay your dues to become a Lineman for example: 7,000 hours of work to qualify as a Lineman, depending where your from you may have to travel. One of the plus sides is you would have the possibility to make $100 grand a year or more. But, then again it all depends what part of the country you live in. Good luck on your decision.
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    As I have said about 5 times prior, Depending on your area, depends on a transfer. In our district, we can transfer to any building within our district, keeping the same job if it is available. We would lose our seniority, but keep everything else.
  16. upsdawg

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    Yo Moss-----to be 22 again!! When I started at UPS you had to be 21----I got the day off on my 21st BD and went to UPS and filled out an application and took a driving test all in the same day---in L.A.!! People thought I was crazy to leave a full time job and go to work for UPS for jst a few weeks at Xmas and get laid off (that was the way you got hired 30 years ago--if you did a good job at Xmas, you got called back the following year as oppenings occurred)

    I just retired from UPS---do I miss the job--no--but I miss my fellow UPSers and I miss all of the wonderful customers that I came in contact with over the years!

    I don't regret my decision and if I had a 22 year old son I would give the following advice------keep the job--get an education--work smarter not harder------it is a great job that you can support a family with medical benefits for you, wife, child-THERE ARE NOT VERY JOBS THAT YOU CAN DO THIS----and have your wife stay home with the kids-----look for a financially strong company who will be there in 10 years and won't go Chap 11 ---or be bought out by a larger company. If you are that serious about moving elsewhere----do it now, because companies don't normally transfer you , unless you are in a Managerial Position---than you may be transferred to somewhere youo would rather not be!

    Keep the job, until something better comes along----but, make sure you compare apples with apples and don't listen to the sour apples along the way!
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    run for the hills and don't look back...although Brown starts out as a great employer - offering potential drivers, sales people, etc. the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, one quickly learns the truth...if you are female, or any other minority you have a fantastic chance of moving up fast with Brown; otherwise, it's a crap shoot at best. Get your degree and appreciate your local UPS driver - that is the best way to be associated with Big Brown - from afar.
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    get a skilled job.
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    The company I started with in the late '70's is not the same company I work for now. It's alot more about the numbers and less about customer service. They pile 20 more stops on you because with the DIAD board is faster than paper. 20 more stops because PAS eliminates sorting through your truck each day. I would probably seriously look at a different career if I was starting out new. But UPS has been fun too. A lot of good people.
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    I would not.