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Sup guys, I'll be brief and get to the point.

I'm a young cover driver (25 years old) that came in during peak season and was one of the guys they kept after peak. Was only driving 1-2 times per week since January and have been working the pre-load on the days I don't drive.

Recently a new building opened up near me where I am higher up on the seniority list and can become a 22/4 pretty quickly and am making the jump, working on getting transferred over there now. Tried to get in contact with HR and they were nowhere to be found, 1800 number is useless as I've tried multiple times. And the driver manager said to go through HR.

What I want to know is, if I went to driving school already, passed my road test and DOT exam in the other building (same local, just different center) do I need to re-do all of that when I reapply? The center I'm at now won't let me directly transfer and I would need to reapply to the other building (I have less of 6 months of seniority at my current center anyways so it's not a big deal) and I'm higher up compared to the other drivers.

What I don't want to happen is quit at the center I'm at now, go through the process of onboarding to not be on time for driving school if for whatever reason I would need to go back (driving school is June 11th, about 3 1/2 weeks away. They won't let me work the preload in one center and then apply to drive for the other center, I need to quit before I move to the other center

Any recommendations or tips from you brothers would be greatly appreciated.
Hope the info provided is helpful

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If driving now regardless of seniority do not start over. It won’t be the same you slipped in and stayed on after seasonal if I read correctly. That’s a blessing some wait 4-6 years to be a package 📦 driver locally