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Yup. That was a slick move on her end. If we end up on strike this could sway public opinion in the company’s favor. The average joe making $20/hr is not going to going to be supportive and a lot of them will be resentful. There have been a few articles online recently that disclosed our hourly rates, plus those TikTok videos of drivers talking about their wages. This has to be some kind of counter strategy to the union increasing the strike fund.
The US average private payroll hourly wage (non farm) is currently $32.46. I still think the public would support us.


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what save us in 97 was that we were the front line the public knew us, and we knew them. now with not needing signature we have no relations with them so most likely no support we are just robots drop and go.


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For a majority of us here, when you hear of another strike, is the first thing you ask 'how much do they make'? No, it's 'what are their issues?'. You don't care what they're paid, you want to know what BS they're dealing with.

Someone who cares about what they make would never support a strike anyway.... So don't give a friend about them. Let them know what we make. It's not the point.


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I mean if you want public opinion on our side just speak to your people you deliver to and give them the rundown. Yes we make what we do but because of negotiated agreements. Not because the company wants to willingly.

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The ones making 90k have been here how long? 15 yrs?

She makes it sound like a new driver comes waltzing in the door and is making 90k right off the bat!
A brand new driver might make ( guessing here) 40k the first year?
Why not have a debate where Sean and Carol discuss some of the issues?
This way, the company misinformation can be exposed.
Carol most likely would decline due to her being "busy"

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Union response to Carol’s interview: TV interview. So Betsy why do you carry that picture with you during the day? Well, Mrs. Johnson I forget what my Dad looks like because I don’t ever see him during the week so I keep this with me to remind me.


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Anyone can look good with softball questions. She’s doing the exact same things she did with Home Depot. Destroy service and customer relations and run for the hills when there’s nothing left to cut or outsource.

The fact she put some numbers out there is all a part of the plan. Try to turn the public against the teamsters. Make us look greedy and spoilt.

Another quarter of record profit though. No doubt the newer drivers will be laid off in January and PT MRAs will be adjusted.

Remember this come strike time.


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The US average private payroll hourly wage (non farm) is currently $32.46. I still think the public would support us.
Agree. This isn’t the 90’s. Are there jobs where people make 8 bucks an hour? Yes, but what we make ain’t what it used to be. The playing field has somewhat leveled. Plenty of $25-$30 hour jobs, which is a good thing.


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It’s not how much we make….it’s how much we make them…..$13B…13B in pure profit. Seriously, I don’t really think 22.4 is an issue. I think 6 day forced is an issue. We need to clean up the contract language, eliminate PVDs, make 9.5 penalty pay automatic payment on the next check-without a grievance, make said payment increase exponentially per every violation…2x,3x,4x,5x etc., and some combination of substantial raises and more time off….just my .08 cents (adjusted for inflation).


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The US average private payroll hourly wage (non farm) is currently $32.46. I still think the public would support us.

Maybe. But we have Teamsters that are flipping out because our current pt pay is too high. So if outsiders take that same attitude there's no way they will support us when we are making over $40.