casual? what does that mean?

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    I just logged on the the online application, apparently when I went in for my interview they added an application that I had not applied for but they produced it for me. It says casual pkg dvr. I can't find a job description to figure out if this is seasonal, permanent, part time, etc. everything was locked on the application except it asked me to complete policies, W-4, and so on. I did all that. So what's next? And what is casual? Does that mean I got the job?
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    Casual means seasonal. When you work, it will be full days, but you have no guarantee of working every day or 40 hours during the week. The extra 'paperwork' is a good sign you will probably get the job. As far as I know the casual/seasonal calendar (as agreed to by the company and the union) runs through the second week in January.

    Edit: from your other posts it sounds like you are a great candidate for the job, but I just wanted to give you a heads up warning that some of the trucks do not have power steering. Just go a little slower around corners to give yourself extra time to crank the wheel.
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    Sounds like you are almost there, hang in there, they should be calling soon...
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    Casual is not necessarily seasonal. We have casuals who work year round on an as needed basis.
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    Thanks, I did hear something today! I have my road safety test Monday morning...I also heard that there was a guy who got a DUI and wrecked, so they are going to be hiring "one of the street" maybe if I really bust my butt I will have a good chance! Any tips for moving forward with the road safety test, etc? I will be going to a 4 day training after I pass the road test and DOT test.
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    Also I would be fine with being a year round as needed basis, I groom dogs to supplement my income, and have enough business there to sustain.