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    They do not drug test feeder drivers (with CDL) during the DOT exam.

    Feeder drivers are only subject to a drug test during a DOT exam for pre-employment (new certification), and never for the yearly, or every two year, recertification DOT exam.

    They are subject to random tests, unlike package drivers, though.
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    Yes- trying to be snide, condescending and rude. Thank you for showing me the way Big Union Man. Lol.
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    You should meet me in person.

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    Cbd doesnt do anything for me.. people said it helps anxiety and all sorts of other benefits. It just made me tired and lazy.
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    What do drivers who smoke in states that it is legal do? Just smoke it up? Stay away? Don’t ask don’t tell? Is it even tested for in say California or Colorado?

    If eventually it is legalized across the country, does it get removed from a companies fireable offenses? Weird grey territory to be in.
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    Alchohol is legal. Drink it during your shift and see what happens. Same goes for any other mind altering drug.
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    Nothing grey about it. You're operating a commercial motor vehicle.
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    Finally some of your drivel makes sense
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    What about all these guys cracked up on Adderall, Vyvanse, and the like??
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    Settle down Barney
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    Idk. I guess if they pass the DOT physical it’s ok?
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    What's the DOT say
  13. Rutherford B Hays

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    Can A Truck Driver Take 'Vivanse' For ADD If The Doctor Gives A Prescription For The Drug? - Page 1 | TruckingTruth Forum
    From the link

    "I have ADHD and recently completed my physical and received my DOTmedical card from Roehl. Here is what you need to do if you are on an ADHD med.

    First, Go see your doctor to determine if you can safely operate a commercial vehicle to while on your medication. If you and your doctor determine that it is safe to be on you medication you MUST have your doctor write a letter stating that it is safe to drive while on your medication. Do not stop taking your meds just to get into truck driving, if for some reason you decide to quit your medication you will still need a letter from your doctor stating that it is safe to drive while not taking your medication (I am not kidding about this). Bottom line: you will need a letter from your physician before taking your DOT physical. Make sure the letter also includes your doctor's contact information. Also bring the medication with you to the physical in its original bottle. I discussed this topic with my companies DOT physician and she only knows of one company that will not hire those taking ADHD medication (specifically Adderall). There might be a couple places out there that will not hire you because of your medication, but you should have no problem finding a good company to work for if you take the proper steps and have the documentation to back it up."
  14. rod

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    I would think it would be damned near impossible to find a doctor who would sign his name to any document stating its ok to drive if you are on any ADHD meds.
  15. Rutherford B Hays

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    There are doctors who will sign anything
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    If marijuana is legal in my state, does that mean I’m allowed to use the drug recreationally when I’m off duty?

    No, says the Department of Transportation. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, meaning all “safety sensitive” employees who are subject to federally-mandated drug testing are still prohibited from using the drug. This group of employees includes anyone who operates commercial vehicles, including train engineers, pilots and school bus drivers.

    The DOT has made its stance on the issue known multiple times, beginning when Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2012.

    “We want to make it perfectly clear that the state initiatives will have no bearing on the Department of Transportation’s regulated drug testing program. The Department of Transportation’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulation – 49 CFR Part 40 – does not authorize the use of Schedule I drugs, including marijuana, for any reason,” the DOT said in a statement.
  17. Package car drivers are not drug tested for DOT. I think feeder drivers are though
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    Well I will be sure to look for you....at all of the buffets. Lol.
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    It’s CBD

    Just so ya know

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    You continue to be a hero of mine .
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