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  1. rockman

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    I'm a newby but would like to take advantage of all the training that brown can give me. I was wondering if anyone knows if they have their own commercial drivers license training? And if it would only be available to those person that are moving into a driving position?
  2. rushfan

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    When you get to be a backup feeder driver, or if you are lucky to get into feeders permanantly,there is training. Here, you get trained by a sup who went through UPS's DTS school. DTS is basicly boot camp for feeder sups to train their hourly feeder driver candadates.

    My training was 2 weeks long with a DTS trained feeder sup. It's pretty intense. One week was a "non productive" training week, which we were paid for 3 months after training. The last week was "productive" training. There were no loads to pull, so we pulled "MT's" (empty boxes) around.

    All in all, not a bad deal for training when some "CDL" training schools charge up to $3,000 for CDL training.
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    Give it about 15/20yrs of full time status then think about a CDL and Feeders. For a pkg car driver you only need a chuaffer's license.(you get that on your own)
  4. local804

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    NJ takes just about anyone for feeder.Where are you located?
  5. Pollocknbrown

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    Same as buffalo, we're actually begging people to take Feeder jobs, I'd do it but need to be 21 he he. To add on to the questions, but do u need your CDL A with the doubles endorsement license or permit before your can drive feeders at brown. i know i read somewheres that UPS is accepted by the DMV as a test site or what have you but im not sure how that works?
  6. MR_Vengeance

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    they lower the standard too. :closedeye
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    Yeah but you got to put the time in 10 years befrore I got in
  8. 1timepu

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    Dont push out statements un less you r ready to back them up, how did they lower the standard??
  9. LKLND3380

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    What about being a shifter? I was told there would be some non paid training or out of pocket expenses???
  10. tritese

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    i am a shifter and we have to train 20 hours on our own CDL needed to shift on UPS property
  11. MR_Vengeance

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    umm, passing a guy who ran into a pole during production week. passing another guy who caused an accident in the yard. mod the production week to 8 hrs on a 12 hr job, pulling single short instead of a set, give the set to another driver. cut the hardest part of the job and give it to another driver to cover........... these are my witness in my local hubs only, and my statement above was refering as such.