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    The primary responsibility of a public company's CEO & Board of Directors is to increase the company's stock price by 7% to 10% per year....UPS stock price when adjusted to inflation has declined 19% since going public......Its far past time for a new CEO & Board of Directors.....The next CEO should be a non-UPSer with experience turning companies around...
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    The company continues to make money. There are companies on Wall Street losing money and still their stock goes up. If people don't feel like buying our stock, the price will go down no matter what shape the company is in.
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    hahaha, UPS is too bloated for you? :lol::lol::lol::lol: are you a management type with a military-style buzz cut?
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    Whats wrong with a buzz cut?

  5. Are we prepared to do what it takes to make a stock do this? Ready or not, Total rewards is here. Be careful what you ask for next time.
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    What is total rewards?
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    The Board has done a fine job of increasing dividends since going public. .17 to .42 Im starting to enjoy the check every
    quarter. If you buying you dont want the stock price to go up.
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    Why wouldnt you want the stock to go up? Your buying it at a 10% discount so no matter what your paying for it your making money. If you have shares the goal is for the stock to go up so you have more net worth. Isnt that why we buy stock to invest our money to make more money?
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    Total Rewards Value survey is coming out today. It is going to try and measure the non union employees feelings about the 'overall experience' in regards to benefits. Pension, MIP, 401k, health care, salary etc will be included in the survey. The underlying message in the docs is changes are coming. Expected time frame for the changes is late 2007 to the next 2 or 3 years. That is right in the docs.
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    I have heard from a reliable current UPS management person that Wall Street does not like our MIP program. Although it has been a legacay at UPS since Jim Casey. The thought is to eliminate MIP and give out cash bonuses.

    I'd like to see some of these analysts work for UPS and see how hard our employees work. They wouldn't last an hour in a hub, package car, feeders, air, nor being able to manage an operation or department.
  11. from what I hear UPS is getting pretty good at cutting the MIP anyways in favor of increasing LTIP (I think thats it? we love alphabet soup at UPS..haha) which I think is ridiculous. Taking away from the people who make this company run and in turn make the dollars for this company is foolish. Other than IE I have nothing but respect for the majority of management at my hub and I feel they deserve better. Sure they get on us from time to time (it is their job afterall), but when they meet their numbers they get nothing for it, just a more insane set to meet for the next quarter or whatever. I don't know it just seems this company is rewarding the wrong people.
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    I agree with you. However, nowadays with pensions being cut, social security issues, it is in the best interest of any employee to count on their own investments with 401K's, stock, savings, etc.

    I have contributed to social security for 38 years, and am not counting on getting anything.

    So if UPS replaces MIP with cash bonuses, the employees will be able to manage their own investments. And with FedEx going to a cash balance pension, I have a feeling UPS is going to follow. There has been talk for a couple of years regarding the cash balance pension at UPS.
  13. May UPS wants what's in YOUR wallet?

    Go UPS!
  14. Doing away with MIP at this point would be a benefit to the company in the long run. There's no disputing that The Partnership, from a financial perspective is a thing of the past. There is no benefit to employees in receiving UPS stock as compensation. They can buy all they want through a brokerage account just like anyone else. And the idea that anyone could be reasonably expected to invest in UPS, or any single public company, to the extent the Ownership Guidelines call for is ridiculous. Cash is king! Having large chunks of income tied up in UPS RSUs is a disincentive for anyone thinking of starting a career with UPS. They could go work somewhere else, not put up with the poor treatment and BS goals that they have no control over and just get the cash straight up. Only idiots who couldn't figure this out would work for UPS.
  15. Why has our company wasted our money and thousands of UPSer hours on the Total Rewards survey? The decisions have been made well in advance. We all knew that this company would be different after becoming public. However, each year there is more and more taken away and its just gotten ridiculous. I work in the Corporate Office and have been with the company for 24 years now. Our department jokes almost daily about what is next to go. I think deep down we all are really hurting inside, but our jokes obviously help us cope.

    We made record profits last year but yet the MIP incentive of 1.6 should have been 2.7 when comparing previous years. At the same time level 20 mgrs and above (623 managers) made an average $132K in stock bonus! This does not include their salary, stock options and their MIP. Most of these folks make at least $400K/year! This is becoming a company of the haves and the have not's. If Jim Casey were alive, he would stand up and say that this is totally wrong and that all management folks should benefit from the fruits of our labor from the CEO down to the front line supervisor not just a chosen few.

    That's why I was sold on this company 24 yrs ago. We were all in this together and we did what was necessary to deliver every single package. With these current changes and trends our company has made, I seriously doubt that a front line supervisor working in anytown USA package center will really go beyond what is expected. Because he sees the future and it doesn't look like or even compare to what I got to experience several years ago.

    If you take all of the best qualities of any successful company when you summarize them they all take you down to the the narrow road known as TRUST. When people have TRUST they will rip through walls, climb over and remove barriers and do whatever is necessary because if feels great to have TRUST in who you work for and to know that people TRUST you. People will do anything to have it. And once they have it, they feel they can accomplish anything. I have worked with people like this. They might seem ordinary to most people, but they can and will do whatever it takes as long as they have TRUST. I am afraid that this narrow road is disappearing from this fine company. We need TRUST back.
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    The dividend is only a small part of the total return of any stock. The total return on UPS stock since it's going public is dismal at best. There are many of us getting restless and our patience is wearing thin.
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    Concerned Manager,

    The micro managing by IE, Region and Corporate has to stop to get the TRUST back.
    Along with TRUST comes Teamwork, which was one fo the backbones of this company.

    Our management people get paid to make decsions and get results. In today's world, our management people are getting paid to work as directed by IE and their Division Manager, and when the results cannot be attained, it's the center/operation management team's fault

    No one knows better how to run their operations/departments that Division and Dept Managers along with their management team.
    Our management people are much smarter than Corporate, Region and IE think we are, because quite frankly, they wouldn't be able to do the job, based on today's knowledge level and skills needed.

    They have knowledge, interpersonal skills with their employees and other functions, to keep their operations/departments run effectively.

    I recently retired in January 06 and toward the end of my illustrious career, I let my District Manager know, that I UPS was paying me a good salary to be micro managed and not being able to run a division.

    I fear things will get worse when Eskew leaves and Scott Davis takes over. Which generally happens when named vice chair of the board.

    I know Jim Kelly took this company public, and I had known Jim since he was a Region Manager in NCR. He was an operator, repsected operators and allowed them to run their part of the business.

    With Mike's IE background, Jim's lack of trust amongst our operators, the opeators just have to ride out the tide.

    Now if Scott Davis replaces Mike, that is a scarier thought, a finance guy, who isn't liked by Wall Street running UPS.

    Invest wisely, as you will need it for your future.
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    I usually don't make my personal information known but I voted to "withhold" for all board members.

    Did anyone else vote? Did you vote this way? Though each of us individually is small potatoes, those votes do make some difference in total.
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    Our votes mean nothing...Mike & his buddies control the votes & the Company....Such is life in a Public Company....
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    I sure did ! Like I said, my patience are wearing thin.