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    Because the other thread has been closed I will start a new one on this subject.
    I do not ask this question to be facetious but I really would like to know the answer. Please don't post a bunch of sarcastic remarks.

    What does a CEO really do? Does he or she really have that much to do with a companies success or failure? How do they justify the enormous salaries that we have been reading about in the papers over the last few years.
    How does one justify making 30, 40, 50 million a year? Who grants these salaries?
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    The ceo answers to the board of directors who sets the ceo's salary.
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    he goes babble babble.
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    And those "board of directors" are usually made up of CEOs, CFOs, etc. from other companies. Sometimes I think their sole purpose is to grant each other raises. 'I'll give you yours if you give me mine'.........

    I look at them just as I do professional athletes........highly overpaid, but willing to take what's given out. Granted, Scott Davis is on the low end when it comes to CEO salaries......but what is the real difference between $5 Million/year and $15 Million/year as far as lifestyle?

    Now, what is the difference between $30,000/year and $80,000/year?
    Get my point?
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    Good point! Percentages can be used to distort as in "lying with numbers".
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    5-mil...15mil..Mercedes .....Bentley.30-g....80g...Yugo...Toyota>?
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    you people have no concept of business and running a corporation. most of our CEO's compensation is in stock so he can actually lose money if the company doesnt perform.

    Scott Davis earned his way to where he is and I think has done a great job. Eskew was one of our best CEO's in our history.

    if you want that earning potential, come join management and help our company grow.
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    Ding Ding--- Round 2--- here we go again. I was worried the board would go back to discussing UPS sock again.:wink2:
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    Now this is the funniest line I have seen in a loooooooonnnnnnnggggggg time! hahahahahahahaha
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    No kidding, that's why I asked the question.
    And I will ask it again What does a CEO do to justify his salary?
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    Try running a global organization for one. Then thow in the financial stability of the company, which includes, employee compensation and benefits, capital expenditures, mergers and acquisitions, new service enhancements, and hold the management committee accountable for their positions.

    Over the last few years, research the CEO's who have driven the economy into the ground, be it mortgage companies, banks and Wall St in general, and you will see Scott Davis is not overpaid, as UPS is still in business, and managing its costs as needed by this horrible economy.
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    Well worthlessdriver, if you have to answer that question, you would be an even more worthlessceo. :wink2:
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    I think he makes some pretty cool commercials.
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    I think the original question is an excellent one. I have wondered for years what any one person can do for a corporation on a daily basis to justify 5 million bucks a yr? What does that break down to? About 100,000 dollars per week!!! Yet corporate has cut many of our incentive programs and froze lower to mid management wages. I think Mr. Davis would be overpaid if he made 90 percent LESS than he makes now. But you know, I'm merely a truck driver.
  15. pickup

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    Ever hear of stock options backdating? It's impossible to lose money that way
  16. upssalesguy

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    you saying that's what happens? asi understand it, it is like this:

    when we get stock through is awarded at a certain amount...when it is worth less (or more, of course)

    for instance...first year of MIP, stock was at $68....then the following year (after I got taxed on it and lost a few shares worth) was worth $ when it was mine to sell, I would have sold it at a loss....that's like taking a paycut if you are paid in stock that "vests" over time.
  17. upssalesguy

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    go here...and explain what each of these numbers mean and how to make them go preparred to answer questions about them from hedge funds that own millions of shares of our stock.
  18. longlunchguy

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    Doesn't UPS have a lot of people in accounting who do some of this same work? Come on Sakesguy.... 100 grand a week. Mr. Davis can't deliver my route just like I can't decipher these hedge funds. Does that mean I should make 5 mil? Don't answer, it's a rhetorical question. I undersand the buck stops at the CEO's door. I just didn't think he'd keep all of them. Did you get a raise, salesguy? My boss didn't... but Mr. Davis is pulling down 5 million a year. Personally, I think it's sad.
  19. upssalesguy

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    this is a very selfish attitude. why dont you walk in someone elses shoes for once. yeah, you do the manual labor...lots of other people still work at this company.

    no, i didnt...but its not because scott davis makes millions. i'm sacrificing for a larger MIP than last year.

    its like the citigroup, goldman sachs debate about salaries....without paying well, you don't attract the best talent at those positions. what. do you want tieguy and me running the company :)

    i think its sad that you look and judge someone by their salary when you have no clue what he does. do you think he is under 9.5?
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    im signing the next CEO bid i see:wink2: