change in drug coverage?

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  1. tlmitch1

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    My wife went in for a refill on her medication. The last time she bought it in December she just had to pay $10. Now the insurance only wants to pay 50%, which would be like $400. Did Team Care change their drug coverage Jan 1? I e-mailed CVS and really haven't got a very good answer yet.
  2. MyTripisCut

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    Some scripts are only covered fully if you get them shipped to your house, you can't just go get them anymore cause our insurance blows like everyone else's but that's the way of the world accept it and move on blah blah blah
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    Here we go again...
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  4. youllbefine

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    Mail order only buddy if you want them! Then she gets them in a 90 day pack
  5. The Other Side

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    SURPRISE!!!!!! thank Hoffa/hall.

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    Got my 90 day refills at the local CVS. Drove up, gave my birthday, signed, and off I went. All it cost me was gas for my car.
  7. Indecisi0n

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    If you believe this you truly are en idiot. Blows ? I get 3 months supply for nothing. Best part is it auto renews for me so I don't even have to do anything until refills full out. You guys crack me up.
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  8. Mugarolla

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    Not if you get a 90 day supply. A 30 day supply is only covered at 50% after the second refill. If the script is changed from a 30 day supply to a 90 day supply, it will be covered at 100% and can be picked up at the local pharmacy.

    If anyone is on a maintenance med, have your doc script it for 90 days. Can be filled at local CVS and be fully covered.
  9. rod

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    There was a time insurance only covered a 30 day refill. Here at least.
  10. oldngray

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    Some doctors don't like to write scripts for 90 days because that means fewer office visits for them. Also some drugs the feds really pressure the doctors to not prescribe for longer than 30 days.
  11. Mugarolla

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    Teamcare actually wants you to get the 90 day supply. That is the only way they pay for it at 100%
  12. Mugarolla

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    Who see's their doctor every 30 days just to get a refill on a maintenance meds. Granted, at first, maybe. So the doc can monitor if the med is working. After that it is usually annually.

    A doc gives you a script for a 30 day supply with 12 refills. That is what my son got. That is no different than a 90 supply with 4 refills.
  13. Mugarolla

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    These are not the meds that most people need for maintenance. We are talking high blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, allergy. These are not the meds the feds care about.

    Most of those meds the feds care about are the narcotic pain medications. If you need to take these for more than 30 days, you should be seeing the doc every month for progress checks anyway.
  14. BigUnionGuy

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    If people would just get involved with their Local, and ask a few questions....

    They would find out the truth. Good post.

    "Most" Doctors, will only require you to be seen twice a year for blood tests to

    monitor your condition with maintenance drugs. They do it for liability reasons.

    With opiate based painkillers, Doctors are limited to a certain amount they can prescribe

    within a year. The feds have been cracking down on this, because of rampant abuse.

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  15. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    Also, to get the good $0 price, it has to be filled at CVS, or mail order.(Here at least) Other pharmacies get, I think, original and 1 refill for the $5 charge.
  16. MyTripisCut

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    Coming from you I'll take idiot as a compliment. You can't really think our insurance is as good as it was before we were forced into teamcare. If you do then I feel sorry for your parents
  17. mreed171

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    My daughter is on accutane and can be only filled every 30 days. It cost us 5$ a month and she has been going on her 4th month. Any prescription that can't be filled in a 90 day supply insurance won't ding you for it.
  18. Johney

    Johney Well-Known Member

    What you and some don't understand is our insurance got better than it was.
  19. MyTripisCut

    MyTripisCut Director of Shenanigans

    I understand it got better for some. Maybe you don't understand that it got worse for others...
  20. Mugarolla

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    Not mine. For those who were in Teamcare, yours got better. Mine got worse, much worse.