change locality witholding w-2


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I cannot find on where to change my local with holding. I just filed my school tax which I didnt know I had for 6 yrs..................and found that I was with holding to where I work, but had to file where I live? All I can change is my federal on upsers, I have checked no luck. I Know I did it before somehow, but I cant seem to find the right link. Sounds pretty elementary, but...any clues?


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Tooner, Last I was told the local tax district's have reciprocating agreements as long as your within the same state. That was years ago and I would request your supervisor or OMS talk to your district payroll department. Ask for a hard copy of the results of their email too!


Tooner--my boyfriend just did this as well and was only able to change federal on, to change state withholding he was told he needed to go to his HR department. :)