Changes to Residential and Commercial Designations in the DIAD

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UpstateNYUPSer, Jan 14, 2012.

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    They call it the dannyboy rule.
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    UpState is trying to get driver's to read the PCM this weekend so he can say they were working off the clock.
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    I don't know why this is so difficult. If the delivery location has a bed in it, it is a residential. If the delivery location is a seperate building that looks like a business is run out of it (a parking lot), then its a business. Such as a counrty farm setting that has a barn/building that sells landscaping materials or flowers, or any other seasonal merchandise.

    We get paid good money to break off and make service to these customers if need be.
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    ok we get to house/ bussiness and they are not home after 5 is it closed or missed or are we leaving a package at a bussiness and hoping for the best
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    a bed in it? so i get to sealy matress company and they are closed is it a missed? or a ressy?
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    If you get a "sealy matress" company you can DR it. If you get a Sealy Mattress then it would be missed.
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    These new residential rules say same address then residence so no more breaking off to get these businesses delivered before 5:00. These businesses will love being told residential surcharges from now on and driver release whenever we get there. Good decision corporate-not
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    i deliver to the Amish many times. They all have a little business shop with an open sign. it's a rezi to me unless they specifically want to sign.