Bulkhead Doors Open on TV

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    I looked and couldn't find a thread on this. Sorry if I am blind.

    I was looking up my check on upsers.com and apparently, as long as you are on national TV you don't need to keep your bulkhead door closed.

    Live on Today Show
    Video: NBC correspondent takes ride with a professional

    It looked as if she was working a second job when NBC’s Janet Shamlian joined Kissimmee Center Driver Ken Junkins for a ride through a neighborhood in Orlando on the busiest delivery day of the year while live on the Today Show.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ken, who has delivered the holidays for 29 years and is one of 6,500 of UPS’s safest drivers, was concerned that the bulk head door had to remain open during the slow roll down the street for the shot … but that’s Hollywood. Because the show was live from New York, the technology prevented Ken from shutting the door without cutting out the transmission signal to the camera.


    Video: Live From Orlando | Today Show

    Janet highlighted the increased growth of online shipping and how UPS was well-prepared for the challenge of delivering more than 29 million packages on our peak delivery day.


    Janet also spent time at the Orlando hub and spoke with District Plant Engineering Manager Wesley Harris about the certainty of last minute shipments making it in time for Christmas.


    The cast and crew supporting the national coverage in sunny Florida closed out the set with a farewell photo, and the NBC Swamp Boy truck moved on to the next big story.


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    fire him , send him for lethal injection . Thou shall never cover the openedth bulkedth head dooreth . Cmon MAN , seriously . I do know what you saying , but dang . LOL , MERRY CHRISTMAS
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    I wonder if that's Kens truck on UPS Dec 2014 calender, on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!
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    You can't really drive your UPS package car on the NASCAR raceway either.

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    Do you mean to say you never got to race the TRUCK? :speechless:
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    NEVER! :furious:
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