changing of bid routes more than the allowable time....

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  1. Look like we at the indy center, need some leadership in the stewardship, the company has changed 9 bid times more than the 2 hours, for 50% of the time and still they get by with doing that, greivance after greivance is filed and nothing changes.

    We may need a lawyer to get this ironed out.
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    are u one of them?? what route do u run?
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    Well, you say grievance after grievance is filed, but who is filing them? Don't the stewards have to have them turned to them and they, in turn, hand them over to union hall?

    Why do you say the stewardship has to change when it appears they are doing THEIR job. It looks like others are not doing THEIR job. Who? Company or terminal manager? In getting timely hearings on a docket.
    Labor manager (if you have such) for not pushing grievances through. And, of course, your BA for not pushing labor and/or terminal/company manager.

    Just curious, why you dissing stewards when it looks like they're doing what they're supposed to and that is handing over grievances.