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  1. xracer

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  2. fethrs

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    Friday night chat folks? Anyone up to it for a few?
  3. klein

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    chat ain't working for me tonight, and I'm too lazy to reboot.
    So, all of you are safe.
    Enjoy !
  4. Anonymous 10

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    We should set up a drink and chat sometime. On Friday night after a hard week of 65plus stops a day I'm ready for some beers and I'm also ready to vent.
  5. DS

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    Sounds good to me.Fridays are good or Tuesday, Thursday,,,Monday...
  6. dilligaf

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    OMG! I thought we already did that. Oooooops, my bad. :surprised:
  7. cachsux

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  8. pickup

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    look, it's casper the canadian ghost , looking for a friend to talk to in chat.

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