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Cheryl, I see you will soon be having chess on this site, great idea. MSN used to have a great chess site years ago but they put in a new one that is not even worth going to, they got rid of the lobby chat and various chess game time limits. My suggestion if you can do it is to give us a choice on time limits for games. For example 1 minute games, 2 minute games, 5 minute games, 10, 20, 1 hour... and so on. I really got addicted to the 1 minute game time limit . Your time would stop after you moved.


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What about a brown cafe texas hold em tournament evry 3 months just for bragging rides for that time frame, no money has to be involved!


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The chess game seems like it will be fun, but it's the programmer's beta version and it's still really buggy... Tony and I tried to play a game the other day and my king unexpectedly popped out 5 spaces into the middle of the board :lol:

Once the programmer fixes the problem with the king I'll suggest that he add a timer to the game.

Poker sounds fun, I'll see what I can find that can be installed here.


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"my king unexpectedly popped out 5 spaces into the middle of the board"

Maybe it wasn't unexpected. Had anyone talked to him lately? Sounds like.......SUICIDE!!!


I started this.
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Bad News about the chess game... :blushing:

The last week or so the forum has been running really slowly. All week I've been messing around with the settings trying to speed the site up...

A couple of minutes ago I disabled the chess game hack because I was going to limit chess viewing to members only on forum permissions... and the whole rest of the forum was suddenly loading 30% faster.

The bottom line: The chess game slows everything else on the forum down. Now that it's uninstalled the forum is faster and that will be better for everyone. Now I'll just have to look for multi player game scripts that don't integrate into the forum software.

Complaints and suggestions are welcome :blush: