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    I should be going to the integrad program in chicago soon and was just curious what other peoples experiences were with it and if anyone had any info about it. What time does it start and end everyday? Whats it like where you stay (any places nearby to eat or anything)? How do you get to and from the training? And mainly what is the training like and do you have any tips or pointers? Thanks
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    Sorry wish I could help!!! We had old Dick & Jane books when I started!!! Just try to learn all the Bullcrap that they want you to learn!!! Then when you pass the class...throw most of that crap in the garbage!!!!.......Hope that helps!!!!!!!
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    Heres a tip even though I didnt go to intergrad, just our local driving school. 10 pt commentary and 5 seeing habits. Be able to quote both verbatim BEFORE you get there. Wish I had of, then I wouldn't of had to study every nite in the hotel.
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    Yeah I know I need to learn both of them, thats pretty much all ive been told. I do have to go through 6-8 hrs of online training and 2 assessments before I can even prequalify for integrad
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    'Just follow EDD. No skill necessary.'
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    Well first off they will put you In a hotel during the week of class. The hotel I stayed In was called the DoubleTree Hotel,was pretty nice. The class begins everyday at like 900 am and ends about maybe 5 to 530, you can be disqualified for being late, one of the instructors got on me about that the first day I was their. On friday Is a half day and the last day, It ends at 1200 pm in the afternoon. If you pass, they give you your certificate and picture, and the shuttle takes you back to the hotel where you would have to order your stuff than leave quickly. As far as eating, you eat their In the lunch room at intergrad, they bring food in to you, nobody leaves the building to eat. Oh, the shuttle bus takes all the candidates to and from the hotel to intergrad, you dont drive your car back and forth. the first three days they will grade your uniform, must be ironed shoes polished crease in your legs and arm sleeves. the first three days our whole class failed on uniform. They rest is just computer tests, road tests, your 5 and 10 and that's pretty much it, unless you need more detail i can tell you exactly what they are going to do if you want.
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    Was it really hard or not too bad? Did you have to go back and stress about it and study every night? Was classroom or driving tests harder? Any tips or pointers besides what you said. What about your shoes I heard they grade you on polishing them?
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    The future of UPS.:surprised:
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    Man don't give me a hard time for asking questions. What is your problem with that?
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    I feel bad for the guys who they trot out for this dog and pony show. It's complete BS to get on CNN every now and again. It's not "real world" much less the opposite. All their simulators, and ice walk stuff is crap. It is. Not to mention the previous poster talking about creased uniforms, shiny shoes, all that crap. It's not real.
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    It may not be real or apply in real situations, but this is what they have to deal with for 5 days.
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    Most of us fail that the remaining days of our careers.
  14. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    If you are obsessing this much about training, your head will literally explode when you finally go out on the street alone.

    Just sayin'.
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    Go apply at Fedex....I heard that they dont care about that stuff!!! Purple or Brown...whats your color??
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    That is what I was thinking.
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    Wow some of you guys are just plain asses. This is my career, I've got 15 years invested in ups and just because I ask for some info or tips about something that I could fail and mess up that career you give me crap about it. Well sorry that I asked some questions on a message board, kinda thought that was what it was for. If it bothers you that much me asking questions then I'm sorry but don't talk crap and say if I'm that worried I should talk to FedEx.... Total bs
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    be prepared for the break you down and build you up technique at integrad. Low test scores up until the final test where you magically pass. The hotel foods actually pretty good.
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    Good luck man, just take it all in. we were all worried when were in you're shoes. learn the 10 point and 5 and your half way there. keep us posted and ask away.
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    You do honestly need a high degree of mental toughness to do the job. If you can take some ribbing you'll be fine. If you can't take a ribbing, you'll be punching customers and management within a year. Some of which you should be applauded for...but no no's just the same.