China threatens the U.S. Dollar

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by diesel96, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. diesel96

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    China's "nuclear option" could trigger a dollar crash,spike on US Bonds which threatens housing market,and perhaps ,trigger the US economy into reccession.
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    Diesel, I'm thinking this is China's knee jerk reaction to our reacting to their poisoned pet food, killer antibiotics in their seafood, antifreeze in their toothpaste and the Chinese tires missing a vital safety component.

    So because we happen to value human life a tad more than our neighbors to the east (how many hundreds of unarmed young Chinese people were massacred in Tiananmen Square? How many female newborns are dropped off at orphanages where they're chained to their beds and will survive for only a short time? There's a British documentary on these female infant deaths called The Dying Rooms.

    and because we want to protect our people against inferior commodities, we're the bad guys and we should be punished. Makes sense to me!

    I know two families who went to China and adopted baby girls. One family brought back four.

    And now this disgusting government is making economic threats against us because we won't set back and gladly accept their poison, contaminated food, and dangerous goods. I sure hope Russia doesn't join in this mission. I'm just a little skeptical of "Peace Mission 2007", an
    "anti terror" exercise of 6500 Chinese and Russian troops going on as we speak.

    Now how's that for a warm and fuzzy?
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  4. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I mentioned China in a thread sometime back. I honestly think that they are plaining to slowly, but surely, conquer the world without firing a bullet, missle, or even putting a boot on foreign soil. Believe it or not...this thing with the dollar is just a small example of how China could blackmail and use leverage against us. They hold all the cards. The sad part is that we are letting this happen. China may have the largest military but they don't have the means to move it. Not much beyond their region anyway. The know that the only way the can become the next super power, and not share the title with anyone else, and without an all out war because that would probably result in nukes being used, is if they could bleed their rivals dry finacially and black mail them. I belive that is their long term goals in regards to the U.S. If we are going to stop it we'll have to stop it now. The first step they'll take, which will probably be their only step involving military action, will be to take Taiwan. We are the only thing detering that right now but if they feel they have a big enough economic advantage over us they might go ahead and take Taiwan. I'm not anxious to see what our future administrations would do. It could get messy.
  5. DS

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    The 2008 olympics will be a good way for us to protest.
    I`m not sure it was appropriate to allow them to host them.
    We could refuse to attend,but it would be better if athletes would
    make it apparent by means of a series of arm bands to show thier disgust for China's lack of concern for basic human rights.They cant
    arrest them all,and it would bring the atrocities to the forefront to the rest of the free world.It might just piss them off though.
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    Sorry DS But I vehemently disagree! I understand other countries use the olimpics as nat'l pride and representation,however,theses are GAMES,not politics or a platform to proteset the host countries atrocities.Athletes are not politicians or soldiers,they are their simply for competing in sporting events agaisnt other athtetes around the world.
    What if one of our athletes refused to honor and wear an arm? Should he be chastide
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    I wonder what will happen to the Chinese athletes and their familys that fail to place high in their events? Probably sent off to camps where they keep political their political prisoners. Damn communists.