Christmas peak with a new division manager

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tourists24, Dec 16, 2007.

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    Ive noticed some bad posts about this peak, but believe it or not our area has had one of the best peaks ever. For years we had the typical division manager; numbers and reports ruled the day. Safety and service always took a back seat.

    Well recently we got a division manager who so far seems to put service above everything else (I know,,, there are one or two left). Our preload has started earlier and is getting DOWN before drivers hit the belts. We've added so many runs this month that we have to hand cart boxes to the trucks running down the center of our building (and a few outside). Workers have been slammed for so long we dont know how to handle getting off by 6 or 7. Now things arent perfect but I just thought Id throw a little good news out there. I only feel bad for the guys that ended up with our old division manager.

    Hang tough out there guys, just a little over a week left
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    Tell me about it. It's funny the differences you notice though. Things actually run smoothly (for the most part), people are getting decent service and the drivers are so much more productive knowing the day may end at a decent time (although we keep wondering when we're going to be punished for coming to work in a good when those extra 20 stops are going to be added to us). Good point though; better enjoy it now. Their are not many of them out there. Im sure the numbers aren't as good on paper so we're doing it wrong.