Christmas Story of 1914'

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    100 years ago today.

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    Is that a true story?
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    Thanks for the history lesson. I learned something new. I appreciate it.
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    One of the differences between WW1 and WWII was the fact that WWII was in many respects a race war in which the combatants regarded each other as subhuman.

    German racial theory regarded Slavic (Russian) people as less than human. We regarded the Japanese as less than human. The Japanese regarded all non-Japanese as inferior and sought to expel all non -Asians from their sphere of influence.

    In WWI there was as least some semblance of humanity between the combatants.
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    Early on in WW1 and generally speaking, yes I would agree. But by 1917' as the US approached entry, things had begun to change mostly thanks to the Creel Committee which has become a case study of propaganda and how it works. This committee is where Edward Bernays, father of public relations, cut his teeth to catapult himself as the go-to guy on selling a message.

    WW1 US Army Recruiting poster portraying the German brute stealing the flower of feminine virtue.

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