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My friend was cited for DUI but not convicted (while off duty). UPS would not let him return to work until he saw a Substance abuse person (SAP) and went to counseling sessions. He has been off 4-5 weeks. Can UPS not allow him to work his regular job (or at least inside) even though he has not been convicted?? What happens if he is not convicted
but that may be after he ends up with 2 months of lost wages?


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It seems to work that way at UPS. I believe each center has their own way of dealing with dui's. Has anyone else at your center been through it?


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Dui, you are pretty much guilty when you hand him your license.
Life as you knew it ends.
Lawyers, insurance companies, courts, and therapy centers make a ton of money off you.
You lose, lose lose, forever.
Sleep in your car, get a ride, walk, do not drive.
then you wont have to deal with it.
After the fact, you cant go back. But its been a racket so long, all should know. Its a money maker. Especially if you have a job. On the other hand if you are poor, or just lazy and dont want to work, and just cruis around alll day, you can basically ride around with a colt 45 in your drink holder and the cops will wave you off.


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I'm not sure - I haven't worked there in several years. It seems like it would have to been the same at all centers. It just seems like they would legally have to wait until there was something against the driving record. I just wondered if anyone else had heard of a similiar situation.


I personally would not put myself in the situation that could end up with this result. We all must take responsability for our actions. And if UPS let him go without cause, he has recourse too.
Once again, has your friend talked to his UNION REP? If not he needs to do that TODAY. I can promise you that the union rep has been through this and knows what the ins and outs are.