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    I started cover driving package car part time in 2010 and went full time via feeders on 9/29/14. My pay has been frozen at $24.22 since then.(I understand that part) The company is saying that I don't get another raise until 9/29/18, exactly 4 years to the day after going full time. None of my drive time before going full time is being taken into account towards my 4 year progression. Can someone explain what "until such time as the calculated progression rate exceeds that rate" means in Laymans terms? I always thought that if I had 2 years driving time in progression that after I went to feeders that I would just have 2 more years to go before hitting top rate, am I mistaken or am I being screwed?

    The contract states:
    Part-time employees on the payroll as of July 31, 2013 who subse- quently are promoted to full-time employment under this paragraph will be red circled until such time as the calculated progression rate exceeds that rate. The transfer date will become his/her full-time start date for purposes of applying the above progression.

    I'm afraid that last sentence may be what is screwing me, thoughts?
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    In our supplement it says RTD time counts towards full-time progression. If we work 1 day that entire week counts for us towards our progression. So far not 1 person I know has had this happen automatically, we either have to file or threaten to make them do their job.

    Worst case, 9/29/17 you will make progression to top feeder mileage pay which takes 3 years and get a raise to $25 per hour which also happens at 3 years.

    I would call your BA and get clarification on those cover driving weeks counting.

    Good luck!
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    They F'd up a bunch of guys progressions here in respect to the RTD time to FT credits. They ended up catching one later and went back and fixed everybodys. It was like a year after they hired those guys though.
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    What does your supplement say about cover driving then going full time? Ours states that if you cover prior to and are a current cover driver at the time of your promotion, then you maintain 85% of top Package driver pay for the duration of your progression. Regardless of if you go into Package or feeder. You may want to look into that.

    And your "Transfer date" is the date you stopped being a part timer. The date they "froze" your pay is the date your progression started. Check your contract but if your cover rate is what your pay rate is frozen at then it should be a higher pay rate than any rate during a natural progression rate via the contract language. So, if you had not covered then you would get your progression raises but you would ultimately be at a lower pay rate than you are now. But, you should get a raise every time top pay goes up. 85% of top pay. If it's in your supplement of course. Hope that helps and wasnt just just me rambling.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. My BA told me to ask for a payroll inquiry and I did so on Tuesday but I still haven't heard anything. Feederquacker, that's interesting about the 85%, I'll definitely check into that right away. I'll update when I hear something.
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  6. Feederquacker

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    Yea.... the idea is that if you covered then you shouldn't make less than that pay rate for taking a full time job that involved the same work you were already performing. Good luck.