Clarifying question on 10pt


Drivers school next week. I have the 5 habits memorized and working on the 10 pt, pretrip, yard, and dok.

The 10 pt I know it has to be verbatim, does that include the description? For example stale green lights has a full 5 sentence typed description, is that verbatim too? Or just headings?
The depth of knowledge stuff says that I need to explain or demonstrate so I am guessing that’s not verbatim

Also, I am guessing that it’s both written and verbal all these tests?

Just trying to figure out the best way to study.


Arrive Peak Leave
The 5s has to be verbatim. Know the bold or first lines of the 10s but summarized the details. You will also need to know the 8s and L.E.A.D.S for CHSP training during your 30 days