Clerk pay?

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  1. maxxximus

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    I was wondering if there were any FDC clerks processing the international packages out there to ask a question...I was wanting to know if you got paid an extra dollar an hour for clerical work? because my center does not consider that to be a skilled position even though it is.
  2. iowa boy

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    Nope, not where I'm at either. You are doing a skilled job with all that you have to know, but they won't pay you the skilled rate for that job.


    It used to be a skilled position, it also use to be nonunion, once the union took it over the skill pay went away, it is unfair but that is how it happened, caught most by surprise because they did it without the workers knowledge.
  4. maxxximus

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    Thanks....yea it sucks with all the tests and responsibility you have and not get paid for it
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Maybe that should be a contract proposal for 2013.
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    The Contract doesn't recognize "skilled" vs. "unskilled" jobs.

    Sorters and preloaders, and maybe a few other similar jobs, get the extra dollar and hour. "All other" jobs don't. Thus a part-timer who operates a fork lift, or shifts package cars in and around the building, or shifts tractor-trailers in the yard, or works on a computer, is simply an "other," but certainly not unskilled.

    A full-time Center Clerk in New England makes over $28 an hour though.