Colbert, anyone?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Solidarity413, Jul 30, 2009.

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  2. rod

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    The Daily Show with John Stewart and the Cobert Report are on my list of must see TV:wink2:
  3. Solidarity413

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    You're the man! Since I don't own a TV I'm always a day behind, but they are great to watch.
  4. tieguy

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    you don't own a TV?
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    Your dealing with Glen Beck fans, a fringe of the population of teabaggers, Letterman protesters, birthers, and ultra right wing nuts, because even if they were in the Hawaiin hospital in 61', saw Obama's actual birth, held his birth certificate with Don Ho strumming a ukulele in the background, they still wouldn't believe it...
  6. tieguy

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    The flaw in your argument is that Obama refuses to give us the opportunity to stand in the hawain hospital and see obamas actual birth document and listen to don ho music in the background.

    The flaw in your argument is that Obama keeps hiding the goods from us for some reason.

    Unlock your mind from its liberal brainwashing and ask yourself why Obama would not quickly release this information and squash this issue.

    Unlock your liberal mind from its brainwashing and ask yourself why the hospital would not proudly produce the document and brag about having the president born there?

    Let me know when you come up with an answer.
  7. diesel96

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    It has been shown, photographed, and officials have held it in their hands. There was a birth announcment in the local newspaper. There is no issue.......What the Obama adm is doing is smart, not re-complying with the birthers ridiculus demands is driving them nuts, and will continue to fester and drive even more moderate republicans away from your party...
    I put this conspiracy theory on the same level as the 9/11er's, only the 9/11er's have much stronger case.... lol
  8. wkmac

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    D@MN YOU DIESEL! You can't use that word or you'll give Pickup a hard on!



    Let me give you another angle on the birth certificate. First off, politics is war. It really is, it's just bloodless but it's still a battle over geographic turf, obtaining power and the right to rule. In times past, we fought wars to achieve such ends but now we hold elections and in affect stage bloodless coups or revolutions if you will.

    Now being politics is warfare, if you were Obama and let's say just for the sake of arguement here that you had your nicotine stained hands (the Bimbaughists will eat that up) on a legit birth certificate but in the meantime there was no real pressure to produce it but it kept a segment of the opposition forces barking up a wrong tree, would you:

    1) Produce the document and qwell the effort only to allow them the means and energy to mess with you elsewhere?


    2) Keep pulling that string that shakes that tree limb so the dogs keep barking up the wrong tree till the whole thing loses steam on it's own and those who lead it lose credibility?

    If I'm holding that document, I'm shaking that tree so hard in the hopes I can make even more dogs join the fray so they aren't looking elsewhere and I can skate free as a bird with what I want to do. I'm even able to make legit opposition in other areas to look like the tree barkers as well so why do anything any different?

    However, if you ain't holding a hand full of face cards, then you might be playing a game of pure suicide and who blinks first. Makes for great theater anyway!

  9. diesel96

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    Lets make a deal, Monty....
    Good time for you to break out your barking dogs video again cause I choose door # 2 as well....
  10. wkmac

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    I can't find my barking puppies anymore but I found this one just the same. I still got tears in my eyes from LMAO!!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy.

    crazy puppies
  11. tieguy

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    In fact as you know they have not produced the document but a poor recreated copy.

    why didn't Obama squash this issue quickly by producing the proof?

    Why doesn't the hospital produce it and loudly brag about a president being born there?
  12. Solidarity413

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    Nope tie, do not own one. I watch the only shows I like online. Daily Show, Colbert, Lost. And well anything on the discovery channel even if I don't end up liking it is always informative.
  13. Solidarity413

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    Wow, you're one of the birthers? That is sad. Why would they have to? Our first Black President is elected, and all of sudden this dude doesn't have citizenship? I don't agree with his policies, and trust me I would never agree with you but this whole birther thing cracks me up. Are you kidding me? Where the hell is this liberal brainwashing at? I keep looking for it but I can't find it. All I can find is the dismantling of an enviroment that was hostile to all those who weren't WASPS and land owning in our countries history. This isn't the 1800's so please get a grip and join the rest of educated life.
  14. tieguy

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    I realize you're proud of your second grade education but the rest of us don't find it that impressive.
  15. Solidarity413

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    Tie, if you want to go by formal education, I probably have the same as you. However, I'm sure I'm still in contact with more professors doing side projects and still continuing my education a hell of a lot more then you. Do not degrade me, you have no idea what level of education I have.

    How many graduate classes did you take as an undergrad? How many times has a professor asked you into their office so you could take together on an issue not so that they could teach you.

    Again, do not degrade my formal level of education I worked damn hard for it.
  16. tieguy

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    All I know is what you present here. You're trumpeting your education as if you need to reinforce your value to the world. You take a comment where I say the driver and the CEO have their value to the company and jump on me as if It was an attack on the driver. You brought the education issue up. I'm proud you finally made it through second grade and congratulate you on your hard earned success.
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Protesting big government (the left wing fruit cakes refer to them as "Tea Baggers) makes a person a nutcase? I guess anyone with any sense is a nutcase by default then. Don't see that as being possible but who knows what truly goes on inside a leftist's mind to come up with that kind of crap.
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    I thought posting in Current Events made someone a nutcase. :wink2:

    Wait a minute, I just posted in Current Events ... damn, I must be a nutcase! :biting:
  19. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Alrighty then. I think you just drove yourself nuts on that one. :)
  20. Jones

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    Now all you need is a good conspiracy theory. Then you will truly have arrived.