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    I'm gong into a combo job next week air/wash. I've been a air driver since 2005 I was told that I might have to go back through progression for air driving. That would take me from top rate of 24.74 down to 14.50 Is this true? I'm local 710 if this helps since we have yet to settled new contract. Thanks
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    You will not have to go through progression again.
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    Failed to mention I'm just a Saturday air driver if that changes anything. Thanks
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    Is this job covered by Article 46 in the L710 contract (like it would be under Article 40 in the rest of the country)? If so, it looks to me as if you will have to start the FT air driver wage progression @ $14.50, until your contract is passed.
    Dig up a copy of the tentative agreement (that was voted down February 2014) and look at the language to be added to Article 46 Section 6c (page 19). When your contract passes and this paragraph is added, in my opinion, you should go up to $26.14 (24.74+.70+.70) for the air driving work, then hit top FT rate after 2 years. Plus get back pay (retro).
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    I have to disagree with you. Going through the PT air driver progression does not apply to the FT air driver progression. But with new language added in this contract, you now get red-circled if you are at PT top rate.
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    You will go through progression again
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    Car wash should start ground rate does in NorCal