Combo Jobs, will they come back?

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    Unfortunately I had to turn down the driver job, I just don't think it's for me. I want a full time job in this company but I didn't feel comfortable on my road test and when the guy called me the next day I told him how much trouble I had. He told me when the class started next week I would be expected to be in full control of the vehicle and if I had that much trouble I probably would end up wrecking it. He told me I could turn it down if I wanted but would be disqualified for two years. The more I thought about it the more I convinced myself I didn't want to drive anyway so that really didn't bother me all that much.

    What I really want is a combo job, I've got a good pick off position now and I really don't want to let it go. If I would have took the temp driver position I would have lost this. Whereas if I could get a combo job I could keep it and just do revenue recovery or something on a different shift.

    Problem is when the contract ran out in 2007 I was told they weren't creating anymore combo jobs. So my question is when the contract runs out in 2012 will these jobs come back or am I just going to be stuck part time forever in this company?

    This is frustrating, I really don't know what I should do.
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    I have been notified there are several" new" combo jobs in our building (from other thread). They MAY be newly created jobs, or leftover bids (scraps :D) from February and I'll let you know. If they are new and available to PT, that is huge! I have not seen one in this hub in over 2 years.

    If they are newly created, they MAY be won by grievance, because several were "moved" to the Central States without allowed following the work, and that is a violation of the UPS Teamster NE supplement.

    If you do not work in a hub, I suggest you find a nearby UPS building with same local and monitor their bids/union boards. :)
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    Hindsight is 20/20 but I think you should have taken the driver's job. Combo jobs are on their way out in spite of what the contract may say.
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    I think you should have stepped up to the plate also. If you do DQ from driving, you get your old job back.

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    That stinks, I'm at peace with my decision. I just really don't think it's something I would enjoy and if I wreck the thing then who knows what would happen. I just did not feel comfortable driving it at all and I know there is a lot more to the job than the driving.

    Why aren't they creating combo jobs anymore? I mean driving isn't for everyone, I don't understand why they don't have other avenues for full time work in this company. It seems like it's driving or else.
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    But don`t most combo jobs include driving? If so, you would still be in the same situation
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    In the last 5-year Contract, UPS was not required to create any Article 22.3 jobs in the first or second years, only in years three, four and five. Then "Year Five" was cut short by more that seven months when a new Contract was passed early, and it replaced the old Contract on December 19, 2007. Under the new Contract UPS is not required to create any Article 22.3 jobs at all. The new Contract runs thru July 31, 2013.

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    If you withdraw your driving bid before you go driving, I don't think this counts as a disqualification. You should not be prevented from bidding on the next driving job that comes along. But check with your Local to be sure.
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    Why should they create combo jobs? PTers, in most cases, are cheaper. You want a full time career at UPS you need to be a driver or management.
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    combos jobs are fading.
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    And that is one of the many reason the union is fading. Why have a contract that means nothing? Its like management is tearing a page out of it every day.
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    This is more word of mouth then anything and I have not really looked into it, but heard from a couple of my combo employees who made mention of a few sporadic combo jobs that were "created" in our Hub over the past three months. But once again, word of mouth.
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    I highly doubt it. I don't think UPS would stand for new language creating new combo jobs, and the teamster leadership doesn't care much for them anyway. The only way your going to get a combo job if by some strange chance one is vacated in your building and the company actually puts it up for rebid and you have enough seniority to get it then maybe you can get into a combo job. Otherwise I wouldn't hold your breath and work on those driving skills for the next driving job to come your way because that will be your best shot at a full time job at UPS.
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    They might come back if Hoffa does not. Vote for ABH (Anybody But Hoffa) and get some real Union leaders in. Not the current type that sells us out and golfs with UPS executives.
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