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    So I just left my job as a delivery driver at OnTrac. Have been doing this job for past year (officially) and for 8 months before as an employee.
    Started with 40-60 stops with $2.50 per stop. Ended with 80-110 stops, $2.10 per stop. Full zipcode area (Beaverton OR 97005).
    The worst part is you work as sub-contractor and have to get your own vehicle (had 2002 chevy express). All this for about $33k a year.
    Also should point out that it's a part time job 4-7 hours a day.

    Some highlights from the job.
    • You can work whatever hours you want, meaning I can do express deliveries then take an hour for nap.
    • Drivers load their vans (at least in Van facility), so load it however you want.
    • Few tricks I learned, since we have a lot of amazon boxes I would write street name on the box (initial or first 3 letters). Spent 10-15 minutes more in warehouse but saved about 30 mins on route.
    • Another trick, with a simple tool I was able to import on the map (mappoint). With this I knew where it would be better to start to make express stops on time and to avoid trafic, etc.

    Anyway here I am, maybe gonna apply for fedex.

    Anyone heard of OnTrac?