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    is there any way to tell if a business i'm shipping to is considered a commercial or residential address?thanks,keith
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    The only way is to ask the person you are sending to. In order to be a business charge where a person is working out of their house: the business must have a seperate entrance where anyone from the general public could enter. If there is just an office within the residence that gets the residential charge. The best example they give us is, a church and a rectory. The church is a business and the rectory is a residential.
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    If that is the case then ups owes me a few grand for the extra charges...I used to call and complain all the time about the charges but always got no business is considerd to be in a residental you are telling me that if in fact it does go to a farmers co op and i get a residental correction on my bill then it should be corrected???
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    If the business is run out of a house and the general public can not just show up and enter during business hours, it is charged residential. If there is a seperate entrance and the general public can show up and enter during normal business hours, you are due that refund. That said you will never be able to get it for past packages. If in the future you get that charge, file a concern to go to the destination center in TN and request a call from that center team. Tell them what the problem is and ask why the driver is either driver releasing, aka DR, or after signature putting in as res. Sounds to me like the pkgs are going to someones house, not a true business location.
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    we were also told that it had to have a business sign on that entrance path to be considered a business.
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    It has to be a building with a public entrance with posted hours.

    This also means the packages require a signature.

    If you have a valid case that this is all so and you are getting nailed because a driver is putting residential so he can get around the signature or such you need to follow this up more strenuously.

    However, it had best be in an area actually zoned for business rather than just using a business name as anyone can call themselves anything they want and run a "business" out of their house, garage, barn or shed.
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    I have had many many pakages shipped to business and get charged for residental..I have argued with the customer service women til I was blue in the face...if you dont mind..can you tell me where you found the rules written so i can read them my self..about having a open door for the general public to enter and such..thanks,keith
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    Ask your customer service woman some time when you are not blue in the face for the written policy.

    So, what parameters do you think should qualify a stop as a business?

    A really good name?
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    if you dont mind..can you tell me where you found the rules written so i can read them my self..about having a open door for the general public to enter and such..thanks,keith

    Im beginning to have my doubts about you.

    Funny how you can locate an obscure Teamster crybaby board, but cant locate the information youre looking for.

    Go to Go to the little search box and type UPS Tariff

    The tariff page takes you to a .pdf file youll view or save. When you view it, search on residential and see what you come up with.
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    forit to be a business it also has to have a separate address.if you are using your home address and have a business in your garage well that is your house so it is a resi.
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    I think to qualify the business should be that and not a home...If its a residence I have no problems with that..
    Mark, dont doubt me..I did a search on google one day and and accidently found this crybaby teamster dont have a lot of time to play on the internet..I run 2 business and work 12-14 hours a day plus try to farm and spend about
    1 1/2 hr with my children before bed time each day..the reason i asked about the actual wording is that i have been told so many times that if a bus. is located in a residentail area its considered residential...i thought that maybe this was ups only info..something that i could not see..
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    Business can be at a resi address if in a complete seperate building. Again business rules apply pkg must be signed for. And even rural business have an extra surcharge just like resi in the city.
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    blkcloud and markbell are the same person.
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    Mark-if this is a "crybaby Teamster" site why don't you take your mgt ass off it and stay off it.
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    lol wily..and swing..i dont know who markbell is but i can assure you i am not him...would you like my shipper number??