Computershare/upsers search help


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I’m having a heck of a time using the search feature on upsers. It’s leading me to 95% dead links. I’m trying to help a relatively new coworker sign up for computershare. I can’t seem to find any info that is new

global identifier we thought was his employee id
And the password/pin: we thought was first two of last name/last two of birth year/and last two of employee id, isn’t coming up valid.

Has anyone done this recently? I can’t even seem to be able to search for DESPP on upsers. Nothing comes up valid. is coming up dead too

I can’t even properly search for time card viewer or time off viewer. It only shows up on the first page. What’s going on?


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I figured it out. The Watson search portal search is useless now.
I found that you need to go through the my hr link and they have their own set of searches and links and pages.
For computershare activation, the password is now just your birthday in six digit form. This did not need to take 2 hours. They have made upsers so complicated. I constantly get these phone alerts to confirm my identity to go to basic areas on their webpage.