Confirmation of payment of missing hours???

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  1. I know this is a topic that has been beaten to death, but I haven't found sufficient answers to my question/problem. I caught on early in regard to the report time/start time discrepancies in the time clock. I know to keep track of my hours. (I write them down and take photos of the screen when punching out.) My concern is this: How do I know that I am being paid for ALL the hours due, and if they are being calculated correctly? My FT Sup has my times adjusted for a few days ahead at a time, therefore Monday and Tuesday will have a 3:45 start. Wed-Fri will be 4, or some combination. Its very stressful to keep track of my own hours and hope they are right. This week I am certain I accumulated OT but it doesn't show in my hours, but the hours worked was different than what I recorded on the punch screen, so I know it was adjusted, however, I am missing the OT (its a miniscule amount, less than an hour, but its time worked/money earned.)

    I have asked for, and assured I would receive, a print out of all adjustments to my punches so I could see exactly what was being done. I have not received one. So again what should I do to ensure I'm being paid correctly while not becoming a thorn in sup's/management's side ultimately painting a target on my own back?
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    I would ask once more and then file a grievance if that request is ignored.
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    I hate when I agree with you.:blushing2:
  4. There's really no way you can avoid being a thorn in their side. But you should do it anyways. They're not supposed to touch your start and finish times. Everything is logged so if you get to a point where you know for an absolute fact that you are right, grieve it.
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    It is possible to stand up for yourself in a polite manner.
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    I dont understand your say you write down your hours daily. There is little point to doing that if you don't compare it to your paycheck every be sure you are paid for every minute you worked.

    So, total your hours up at the end of the week...and the following Wed...go to and look up your paycheck and compare the total hours on your check to what you wrote down. If they're short...ask to see a timepunch record for that week and file a grievance.
  7. Thanks for the life lesson :rolleyes:. I was more saying giving him a print out every day is a bit of a hassle so he's going to bug them no matter what. I'd do it for him, but there's a couple other things with priority over printing someone's timecard everyday.
  8. I understand the confusion I did write a novel.. my total time worked is never right, not once. I check my times that I write down, and when my check comes in its still not right, even after they "fix" it. I ask for a print out to see what they did and I never get one. I've asked every week now for 5 weeks. I'm new so I don't want to be thought of as a nusciance or whatever, so I don't press the issue. This is a 2nd job for me and I'm a volunteer pop warner football coach, and a dad. It's hard to keep things straight. But knowing I had ot this week, it was easy to notice something was screwed up.

    I guess what I'm asking is what do I do when I'm asking for proof of payment adjustments and I'm not getting it. Being as new as I am I think I'll ask the steward for advice I just wanted to see what you all thought as well. Sorry for the book report, again. And thank you for the replies.
  9. Just to be sure (because I had a guy who didn't know this) are you recording from the time you punch in until you leave? Because you only get paid from the start time to your punch out time. So say for instance you have a 0430 start time and you punch in at 0415, you aren't getting paid for those 15 minutes unless your sup changes it. I know if my guys come in early and they start right away I make a point of changing it because they obviously deserve it.

    Other than that I can't figure out why your hours would off unless A) You aren't doing the math right or B)They really are changing your time, which is criminal. In that case document everything. Hope that isn't the case. Gives a bad name to everyone in management.
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    It wouldn't be the first time management fudged the numbers, if this is the case. They may think because you're new, you won't know/ or are afraid to say something. Keep your hours like you've been doing. I'm sure it is military time, so you can get it down to the 100/th of an hour. Document, document. Keep all your pay stubs or receipts. Like BB58 said, go to to check your hours before you go in and you can say right there. "Hey, this isn't right. I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" I think more management gets walked to the gate for this infraction than any other. Good luck to you.
  11. I also keep records, and its a good thing, I was missing 2 hrs of bonus , and they have changed my pay rate when I preload, I am a 20 plus driver and I work preload and drive at times and they change my pay , they say its because im laid off, no way im told to load, I also drive... just ticks me off, but its all fixed now....:)

  12. I know about the report time and start time, the issue I'm having is that they will not provide proof of the changes and I know there is missing time because I write it down, and take pictures of the monitor. I'm talking to my shop stewie tomorrow he was away the previous week and didn't have time to talk yesterday, so I'm getting with him at break tomorrow.
  13. One thing you can do too is request the previous weeks printouts and compare them to what you have written down. It all gets sent to payroll over the weekend so they can't change it, print it out, give it to you, and change it again.
  14. I have said twice already that they will not give me a print out, this is the issue..
  15. Actually I said it 3 times
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    Sounds like it's time to file a grievance.
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    You shouldn't need a print out!! You say you write your hours down. your hours up from last week. Now...go to in and look up this week's paycheck...the one you will receive tomorrow. Do the same with any other weeks you were shorted. If you were shorted...print a copy of your paystub...bring it into work tomorrow with your written down hours...find your steward and go talk to your center manager with your steward and explain you were shorted X amount of time for last week. Rinse and repeat next week.

    Stop repeating yourself and can't just walk around and whine to managment that ohh...i was shorted. You need specific week dates and the exact hours and minutes you were shorted for each week! And you don't need a print out to figure that out.
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    IMHO, management stealing time is an all too common problem. So, I made myself a spreadsheet to keep track of my hours.

    It's certainly a PITA. However, when I was hired, I noticed that, within my first month of employment, management tried to short my pay by ~$100.

    Anytime there's a discrepancy, I print out a copy of my hours for the week and immediately report it to the person who keeps track of the hours. She corrects it on the spot and the fix appears in my next paycheck.
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    He already has (his own) confirmation that the hours do not match up, since his own record and the paycheck are not matching up. First post stated something about adjustments being made by management. He wants to know EXACTLY WHAT adjustments are being made, hence the request for proof.
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    My advice was perfectly clear...

    You don't ask for proof of anything without a steward or witness present...otherwise all you will get is the runaround. You write down the amount of hours shorted for each week....find your steward and go talk to your center manager...who will pull all the info up on a screen in front of both of you...and submit a payroll adjustment as needed.