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    I am slightly confused with the new pay. I have been with UPS for over a year. about 17 months. I looked on my paycheck and it shows I went from 11.00 an hour to 11.50 an hour. shouldn't it have been a .70 raise? and if not then how do figure what my retro check will be since I was under the assumption it would have been for the .70.

    Sorry I am just highly confused
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    Which is it? Slightly or highly confused?
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    17 months ago is will say Jan 2013 in seniority date

    Jan 2013 9.50
    Aug 2013 10.20
    Jan 2014 11.50
    Aug 2014 12.20
    Aug 2015 12.90
    Jan 2016 13.00
    Aug 2016 13.40
    Feb 2017 13.80
    Aug 2017 14.30
    Feb 2018 14.80

    I believe that is right. Add dollar for skilled pay, if applicable.
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    What local you in. The 177 put half the raise into the pension fund.
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    my start pay was 9.50 and after 90 days it went to 10.50 and after my year it went to 11.00. so is my back pay going to be at .50 instead of .70?
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    and I am local 38
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